Thursday, May 30, 2024

Friday Faves – Sweaters, Bags and some clean eats!

Holy smokes guys… Friday Again!

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 7.50.05 PM

It’s insane how quickly the last couple weeks have been passing. We leave for home (Ontario) in less than 2 weeks which is SO exciting but also slightly stressful!

Time for a few more of my fave things! Hopefully these might inspire your Christmas Shopping (well, the first two!).

IMG_1745 IMG_1757

The first item is from Joe Fresh, which I absolutely love. It’s dangerous though. I go into superstore for some kale and apples, and come out with a sweater, a scarf and maybe some tights (#shoppingfail).

BUT, they’ve had some amazing deals through the month of December so far, and tons of glorious warm and cozy sweaters. This chunk cowl neck sweater, in particular is my fave! It goes great with tights or jeans, and some cute boots, or flats… whatever you fancy!

Next up — Lululemon Festival Bag. This little beauty made me soooo happy when I added it to my life. Because I’m in sales I am constantly in and out of the car all day, usually carrying cases of beer, display items, coffees for my accounts etc. So it’s annoying to have my wallet/keys/phone in my hands, but it’s also annoying to carry a huge cumbersome bag everywhere.

IMG_1718  Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.06.46 PM

Even though I am a very proud Under Armour Women ambassador, I’ve gotta give kudos to Lululemon on this bag. The amount of zippers and compartments in this fairly small cross body bag is super impressive. It looks nice enough to wear day to day as well – not TOO sporty (I have the black one). Anyway – if you’ve got any busy, always multitasking ladies in your life and you don’t know what to buy them for Christmas – definitely recommend checking this bag out.

I need to share this awesome Tofu Quiche recipe I found on Pinterest, obviously. It’s from the Minimalist Baker Site. She’s got some really great recipes and the whole idea behind her site is SIMPLE recipes, which I LOVE. The tofu recipe is right here.

I even had to borrow the Minimalist Baker's photo because I ate all of my 'tofu quiche' before taking a pic #bloggerfail
I even had to borrow the Minimalist Baker’s photo because I ate all of my ‘tofu quiche’ before taking a pic #bloggerfail


She’s also got a Garlic Kale Salad, and for dessert, a Vegan Apple Crisp. I have yet to try these, but they are on my radar for creating SOON! I am such a fan of kale salads, and apple crisp is a STAPLE this time of year!!

What are your staples this time of year? Food or otherwise!?








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