Sunday, May 26, 2024

Friday Faves – Kombucha, Lip Gloss and a Workout

Friday again!!!!
And it’s the last Friday before Christmas. WOOO!!! I will be doing my Friday Faves post, next Friday… from home in Ontario πŸ™‚ So exciting!!!

I’ve got a few more things I’m loving this week, and I’m ready to share!

The first… I can’t help but share because it’s really a great thing to have around for the holidays. I’m talking about KOMBUCHA!!! For those of you that aren’t familiar – figure it out. Get familiar! This stuff is SO delicious (depending where you get it) and uber good for you. Read about the many benefits of this amazing beverage here.


So of course, me being me, a loyal consumer of the brands I love… I’m not just recommending any kombucha… I’m recommending my personal favourite, 1902 Kombucha. This is a wonderful little shop that began in Gibsons (on the Sunshine Coast) with hand blended teas, and their own kombucha, and they’ve now expanded and are selling into the lower mainland. This has become my favourite place to visit when I’m in Gibsons, and my only brand of kombucha that I drink because it’s so damn delicious! Check out their full story here. My friends outside of BC… they don’t ship — YET! But they will soon.. so stay tuned to try their amazing Kombucha. In the meantime though,  if you’re looking for tea… they do ship that… so you can order that online here πŸ™‚ 


Hard Candy Gloss. I love this stuff for a few reasons. 1) It’s CRUELTY FREE… 2) It’s super reasonable ($5 per)… 3) you can get it at Walmart (I’m all about anything I can get at Walmart) … 4) it’s freakin awesome!!! 
The wicked thing about these colours is (the ones I’ve tried anyway) is that they aren’t super aggressive! Some of the lip stains/colours I’ve tried are just a little bit much for me. I like the idea of a matte colour, but I’ve found they just make my lips look chapped and peal-y.. So I usually end up circling back to something with a little more gloss.  A couple of my faves are the ‘Tickled Pink‘ (this is a GREAT every day colour as it’s a really subtle pale pink). ‘Cupcake‘ is another fave -this is definitely a brighter pink with a little more POP!  

Now normally I would try to use a product that was cruelty free AND natural… but sometimes you just can’t have it all! 

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.12.26 PM

Lastly… I want to highlight the Max 30 workout program. I really struggled to find a decent little post of a summary of this workout. The best I found is right here. Greg and I have done a few of the BeachBody programs over the years… liking all of them for different reasons. The Max30, and original Insanity were our faves because we saw some great results, were super tired after each workout, and could do them ANYWHERE! This has been key for me, since I travel a few times a month for work and like to keep up with my workouts. These two workout programs in particular you don’t need any equipment and such a TINY amount of space that there are NO excuses for skipping workouts ! I shared this with you this week, because I know tons of people will be travelling and super busy over the holidays, so I thought I’d give ya a great option to keep fit over this time!

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.22.08 PM

Would love to hear some of the things you’re loving this week!!! — Happy Weekend, Friends πŸ™‚


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