Saturday, May 25, 2024

Chest & Guns workout & NEW UA PANTS!

Tonights Golds Class was a DOOZY. Holy smokes it was tough!


Chest always means lost of push ups – and thanks to Shaun T and Insanity Max 30, we’ve got some crazy new ideas for some ridiculously hard push ups.

The workout was set up in 3 main sections (with a couple little burnouts at the end). 5 exercises per section.  Each exercise you do for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds – then repeat. Then you move on to the next workout and move through all 5 that way.

1. Full jack push up
2. Walking push up
3. Lat push up
IMG_1657 IMG_1656
4. Military Extensions (do a military push up, then pause on the ground and extend arms out like a superman position)
5. Cobra push up
* we will have our own ‘how to’ vids soon… they’re comin!*

1. Barbell/Dumbell Standing Overhead Extensions
2. Plank extensions
3 Plank up downs  
4. Slow dips (3 counts down, 3 counts up)
5. Shallow speed dips (do them really fast only dipping half way down to really feel the burn)

1. Wide Grip Full curl
2. Regular grip – just the bottom half curl
3. Close Grip – just the top half
4. 90 degree hold
5. Rapid Dumbbell hammer curls

We followed these up with a core, then burpee burn out! SO TOUGH!

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And – it was a wicked class to get some Vega love sent to us too! Thanks so much to the lovely Vega Community team, we got some SugarFree Pre workout

Vega One

AND Vega Sport


And a little puppy love for good measure. This is Cosmo !! He belongs to one of the gals in our class, Jo. He appears in her instagram frequently!!!

The other thing I NEED to show you guys is my new pants. OMG. In Love.


They’re so freakin comfy I can’t even tell you … plus they’ve got pockets. Which are key for comfy pants. You can check them out here.

Would love to hear your thoughts on our chest workout above if you give it a go!!



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