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Planks for Paws Recap (Part 1!) — Thanks to our sponsors and volunteers!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Hump Day!! I am so excited to post this recap from our second Planks for Paws event this past weekend. What a day!


We had such an amazing turn out, and we’ve raised just over $1500. We’re hoping with the donation page still open, we will be able to hit $2000!


It’s so incredible to me what happens when people come together. This is the second year in a row Greg and I have been overwhelmed with support and love for throwing this event. People get in a great sweat, meet some awesome people, and it’s for a great cause – Plus – we happened to have some awesome prizes to give away too! Never hurts.


So many fab prize packs of wine, including Kanasawa Wines, Red Rooster (from Peller Estates), Nichol, Therapy, ‘The Girls (Breast Cancer edition!), and Perseus ! SO MUCH WINE!!!!

IMG_7243 IMG_7245

Vega donated two MASSIVE prize packs – One for Vega Sport, and one for the original Vega line. These went over really well!!!

IMG_7225Four Winds brewery was super generous as well and donated a fab gift pack, including a gift card for our lucky winner to FILL their growler. This pack went to one of our good friends and regulars at our Boot camp class Byron!


And he was STOKED.


This massive beer basket of LOVE was from Red Racer/Central City and was super well received. Beer, cider, shirts!!! YES!!!

IMG_7246Tisol is where Greg and I go to get all our needs for our 4 animals (2 cats, 2 dogs). So naturally, we told them about our event and asked if they were willing to donate a prize pack. They put this great basket together for us and one of our volunteers that brought her two pups by won it! (her Pitty wasn’t able to come thanks the the lady in Burnaby that complained to the city – more on that later!)

IMG_7227Tiesta is always so generous with all my challenges and helps with giveaways – so they donated a prize pack for a lucky winner, as well as sending us extra Maui Mango  so we could make it in a large batch to serve at the event! DELISH!


Spud was awesome – just like last year, and sponsored our event by sending tons of fruit for our participants to stay nourished and energized! Always appreciated — we love you Spud!




We were also super spoiled by King Island coconut water, as we always are! These guys are super supportive of our classes/challenges and will often send some coconut water for us to hand out to our bootcamp classes (just because!) — Thanks King Island!




Now that you know all the lovely things our participants were given — let’s talk about the event itself! Holy smokes… what a success!  First – I need to tell ya what happened. So there is a woman that lives in Burnaby, and she follows the HugaBull facebook page to see what’s going on with the rescue, not because she wants to help and support – oh the contrary. She wants to keep an eye on HugaBull and what they’re up to, to ensure that there are no unmuzzled pitties in the Burnaby area (yes – they have to be muzzled in Burnaby… one of 3 cities in this area that still have this bylaw)


So she contacted the city, and warned them if she saw a single unmuzzled pitty that she would call animal control and blah blah. Awesome. Because the plan was to have a handful of pitties at the event that needed homes (so people could see them, play with them etc). When I spoke to April of HugAbull, she told me not to worry, and that we were going to use this to our advantage — this girl is good! She’s experienced this before!! haha So she contacted some people she knew over at the Burnaby paper and they covered a story on our event — SWEET!!! Check it out here.  Her complaint even resulted in a local RCMP officer coming to ‘check things out’, and be sure we weren’t doing anything we weren’t supposed to do. He was SO fantastic about the whole thing, and just wanted some dog therapy like the rest of us!!


So, what we decided to do instead, was to have some ‘stand in’ pups, that could come in place of their furry brothers, sisters and cousins. April got pictures of each of the pups that were looking for homes that couldn’t be at the event, and wrote up a little bio, and we had volunteers and their non-pitty pups come and stand in 🙂 It worked out amazingly!

IMG_7252 IMG_7564



IMG_7253 IMG_7563Pepper — oh what a cutie! Shiloh, Steve and Caitlin were happy to stand by his sign !


IMG_7561Paddington… ohhhhh Paddington. This handsome boy is looking for a home, and actually, much of the money raised at our event went to help cover some of his vet bills. I will also be doing a blog post featuring Paddington so you can hear all about him and see if he might be a good fit for your home! Stay tuned!

IMG_7264 IMG_7559LOVIE!!!! Oh my goodness look at this little gal. Only 7 months old and looking for her forever fam!
Janessa and Kobe Bear were happy to stand by Lovie’s sign in support of her. Kobe belongs to a girlfriend of mine Bre, and YES, Kobe has his own Instagram!!!! Check him out here!

IMG_7257 IMG_7553Look how happy these two are to be standing in for Tia! Check her out… how ADORABLE!!!


Notch. This pup has a special place in my heart… I actually had the pleasure of meeting him last week and oh my GOODNESS what a little mush ball. He thinks he’s a lap dog, SUCH a sweetheart and the BIGGEST HEAD of all time. haha And how about Preet and her pup representing him — amazing!

So you see all the reasons we were doing our event (with a TON of other 4 legged reasons that aren’t pictured here!), and you see all the amazing people that supported, and companies that supported with prizes and fun. In a follow up post, you’ll see exactly what the event entailed ! Too much to say in 1 post!

Until tomorrow… xoxo




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