Saturday, November 28, 2020

Christmas in August!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am feeling beyond blessed this week to be working with some  fantastic companies.

I mean, I always try to count my blessings (as there are many of them!) but this week in particular I’ve been showered with love!


Tiesta Tea sent me out samples of all of their new teas (9 of them!). Post and review coming soon on the new flavors. But first, I am going to share all the Under Armour love!!



Anyone who knows me knows of my obsession with shoes. Well someone clearly shared this with the lovely folks over at UA head office because when I opened my package, I immediately found 4 pairs of SHOES!!!! GAH!






Four PAIRS!!!!

IMG_9977 IMG_9975


Micro G String II Training Shoes


Speedform Fortis Running Shoe



Speedform Studiolux Mid Shoe


Speedform Studiolux


The pant collection was glorious as I was sent things that I might not have selected on my own (like the black pants that feel like a second SKIN when you put em on! Turns out the top sellers list doesn’t lie… They’re infact just that.

IMG_9961 IMG_0012

The colourful tights are right up my alley and fit perfectly.


And the blue sweaties are so soft and cozy I never wanted to take them off.


The red sports bra I had my eye on since it came out – check out the back! So cute.


And the Eclipse bra I already have a couple, but plain colours, no pattern and they’re super comfy, supportive enough for our HIIT classes we teach and uber adorable.


Now – for the tanks! So much fun… so many colours!!!


The tanks are all fairly loose fitting, which I prefer! I like to be light and breezy when I am working out and these are perfect.

Heatgear Armour Tank      –      Women’s UA Muscle Bra Tank        –        Fly By Mesh Tank



As if all the above wasn’t enough, they also threw in a couple extras.

A glorious long sleeve 1/4 zip (in pretty bright pink!), and a fantastic tote, big enough to carry all my essentials but not SO big that it’s annoying to carry around. SCORE.




If you have yet to check out the new UA collection, do yourself a favour and DO IT! There are so many amazing new clothes on there, you’re missin out!!!!

Happy Sunday!

xxx Andrea



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