Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Weekend recap and NEW WORKOUT

It’s Mondayyyyy again!

It’s crazy to me how quickly the weekends fly by! This weekend, Greg was at home in Ontario for a friends wedding, so it was just me and the fur babes hanging out. We had a nice little weekend and enjoyed some of the cooler weather and rain.

IMG_9726 IMG_9725 IMG_9723

I did lots of meal prep this weekend too. I made my favourite Cauliflower Soup, as well as two new salads. One being a Detox Tabbouleh from Oh She Glows, and one of my favourites, the Brussel and Kale salad  

All three of these sites have awesome recipe ideas – I would highly recommend checking them out for unique and mostly vegan/gluten free recipes!

The pics I took are pretty poor – haha I was too hungry. But I will work on that for next time.

IMG_9742 IMG_9739

The other thing I spent a decent amount of time on this weekend was creating a new workout plan for myself. One of my girlfriends Ashley has given me a couple, and I loved them both. I will be going back to them in the fall. But something I haven’t done in YEARS is broken up my workouts into body parts. Ie: leg day, chest and back etc. We do a lot of functional training in our classes and compound movements that work more than 1 body part at a time. I do think this is a super effective way to train, but it’s also important to switch it up and keep the body guessing to avoid plateauing. I’m still tweaking the plan a little bit, but I will be sure to post later in the week once I’ve got it set!

Now – on to our Monday #goldsgym workout!

Today is one of my gym buddies/good friends’ birthday, and he requested a ‘Full Body’ class tonight. I did my best to accommodate seeing as my better half isn’t home yet, so I’m doing class on my own!!


So the way this workout is broken down is in 4 rounds.

Round 1 is pretty straight forward and all upper body focused.

Front raises – with dumbbells, raise straight arms to the front

Reverse grip presses – hold bar with hands facing you, then do a shoulder press

Curls – we know what these are!

Tricep Presses – with DB or barbell, press hands up overhead

In and out Push ups – do a push up, then jump feet in to hands and back out to plank – repeat

Round 2

DB plank reach unders – In a plank, reach your right hand under your body, then raise it up to sky

IMG_9755 IMG_9753

DB cross body Vups – laying on your back, lift your right leg up and your left hand to meet it

Plank Kick throughs – in a plank position, kick your right leg under your body to meet your left hand – repeat on other side


Round 3

Rows – with a barbell – chest out, don’t round the back

Deadlifts – with a barbell – straight leg

Alternating Lunges – with barbell on back

Squats – with barbell on back

Push up jacks – do a pushup, then jack feet apart and together, repeat

Round 4

DB skater rows – see photo. Jump onto right foot bringing left foot behind (in a skater position) while rowing opposite arms


DB raise kicks – see photo

Version 2 Version 2

Give it a go! We did this 3 times, for a full hour workout – but you can certainly cut it down to less!

Would love to hear your thoughts! — HAPPY MONDAY!!!!

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