Friday, November 27, 2020

Boxing Workout + Maui Mango TEA

I wanted to share this fun boxing work out I just found with you guys!

boxingI forgot to put my Armour 39  on during this workout, but I will definitely wear it next time I do it to give you an idea of calories burned. It took me about 30 minutes. I have honestly been struggling a little bit over the last couple weeks to stay motivated. I LOVE our classes that we teach at Golds Gym… and they’re always great workouts! It’s the ones I do on my own, in the morning, that I’ve been having a hard time getting going and really crushing. So this one was awesome, because it was something different than I am used to – it was exciting, challenging andddd I am sore!

Here’s a ‘how to’ video for all the exercises incase you need demos (I did! haha)

Another thing I had to talk about is one of my FAVE loose leaf teas out there – Maui Mango. This tea is from Tiesta Tea and it will blow your mind how good it is. It’s an herbal tea, which means it’s caffeine free, and it’s loaded with dried pieces of mango bits + pineapple bits + orange slices + safflowers + marigolds + strawberry bits! The great thing about herbal teas (aside from being caffeine free) is that they’re packed with antioxidants from the fruits they contain! They also steep pretty strong if you leave them overnight and they have TONS of flavour. This one seriously almost tastes like juice… It’s SO delicious.


What’s your fave way to stay motivated when you’re feeling sluggish and don’t want to work out? And to go with that – what is your fave way to stay hydrated!?


xxx Andrea

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