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“It’s that time of year, and everyone is getting ready for beach season. Beach bod prep galore — Am I right?

I figured this would be the perfect time to get a #teaforcoffee challenge going – but this time… bigger prize, and shorter challenge. How does that work?  Well – I figured it would be more effective in getting more people involved and in everyone being more committed since it’s only for 10 days! You can do anything for 10 days… right?

So here’s the deal. This is your first time participating in one of my challenges; it’s pretty straight forward.

We want to see your posts and your fave ways to use your tea! No it doesn’t have to be Tiesta Tea (but bonus if it is!!! ;)) The whole idea is to be more aware of your choices when deciding on what beverage to have.

All you have to do is a take a pic and post it, each time you consume a cup of tea. This can be hot tea, iced tea, tea mixed with some soda for some extra bubble, or tea infused with some fruit or herbs. Another GLORIOUS option that absolutely counts as tea is one of my NEW fave beverages – Kombucha!  However you like to drink it, we wanna see it! Really capture those moments when you’re thinking ‘gosh, I could go for a cuppa joe to get my day started’, and show us which tea you chose to kick your day into high gear instead.


If you still aren’t convinced… here are a couple reasons why you should be trying to swap out your coffee for tea more regularly anyway!

You can still get your caffeine – so don’t stress about that! Black and Maté tea are the teas highest in caffeine. Comparatively, about 1/2 as much as a normal cup of coffee.

Tea has 3 other natural stimulants in it that react with the caffeine to give you a more balanced energy (this is KEY – balanced energy!!!)

1) Theobromin improves blood flow, which allows more oxygen to be carried to the brain. Resulting in a happily healthy functioning brain.

2) L-Theanine increases the production of alpha waves, which are associated with an alert relaxation. This alert relaxation is similar to the sort of mental clarity that comes from meditation

3) Theophylline increases oxygen to the brain, which is associated with increased mental clarity.

These stimulants also balance with your body to give you a more steady increase and decrease in energy. That way, you don’t get the crazy/fuzzy coffee buzz, jitters, or crash later in the day – bonus!

Not all tea has caffeine, either. White tea has the least amount, while herbal and fruit teas don’t have any caffeine. This is great if you’re looking to kick the caffeine completely!

This challenge is only going for 10 days… May 22th – June 1st. Again … you can do anything for 10 days!!!!


Now on to the good stuff —- the prize!!!

One lucky winner is going to get:

  • 2 tins of loose leaf tea
  • A sampler pack including 8 pouches of tea (various flavours)
  • A Brewmaster (the best steepers EVER!)
  • Loose leaf tea bags (for those times you’re on the go, or for when you’re pushing your tea on your friends, like I do)
  • A 30% discount for the online shop, to pick out some MORE of your fave tea

When you post, be sure to:

  • Tag me @fitnessleash
  • Tag Tiesta @tiestatea
  • Hashtag #teaforcoffee

The more you post… the more entries you get … simple as that!


Want extra chances to win? I thought you might… Tag a friend that you want to do the challenge with you, for an extra entry!



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