Friday, October 22, 2021

Jewelry for a good cause!

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I need to talk a little bit more about an organization I found out about on my last trip with the fam to Mexico.

I had my heart set on going to Tierra De Animales (TDA) where Pedro is from, and had been saving for a year, to donate and go and visit the rescue. Time and distance didn’t allow this to happen as it was MUCH further of a drive from our hotel than originally thought. Plan B. We met a lovely woman named Kelly that was affiliated with TDA and said she would be happy to get our donation as well as food/collars etc to them next time she visited there.

Upon talking with Kelly we learned about another organization that she and a friend founded. They partnered with a local gentleman that makes jewellery out of Pesos, called Custom Mexican Peso Jewelry. Super cool. Cooler STILL, is that a fairly hefty portion from each Peso purchase goes to Mexican Street Dogs. It’s really a win win.

I wanted to do a little post on this to show the stuff that my mum, mum in law and I all purchased, and encourage anyone else that has a love for furry little nuggets to check out the Custom Mexican Peso jewellery page. It’s such a unique gift, and you’re helping those poor little street dogs in mexico find treatments and homes! What could be better?


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