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BIG ROCK URBAN~! — and an exciting Under Armour Update!

To say it’s been awhile would be a horrendous understatement. I am certainly not proud of my hiatus from blogging, however I am back… With a new vision for 2015 (only 4 months in… haha!) and I am ready to Rock and Roll. I have way too many updates for 1 post… so I’ll just start with a couple.


First… Since September of last year, I have been working with a super kick ass company and have been SO busy I haven’t even posted about it yet — #fail. Anyone that follows my instagram will know this already.. but I have gone from working with Vega (the health supplement company) to working with Big Rock Brewery… sayyyy what? I know – totally flip flopped. But the truth is… I needed a little more balance. And while Vega was an absolutely AMAZING company to work for (and I still adore and use all their products), I needed a little more variety in my day. This is why being a Sales Rep for Big Rock is so fab for me. I get to be out and about all day long chatting with stellar people in pretty sweet locations — my territory is mainly North Shore, Whistler and Sunshine Coast. So I cruise around all day selling (and drinking) beer… and then in the evenings I retreat back to the nutritionist and personal trainer in me, teaching classes with Greg, coaching people on nutrition, blogging etc.




It’s a pretty sweet deal being able to do two of the things I love most in life (health/fitness, and socializing) every day and get PAID to do it. Insane!

Big Rock started in Calgary and has been around for 30 years. For those of you keeners in the craft beer market, you know that 30 years is a LONG time to be around! We recently (like 12 hours ago recently) had our GRAND OPENING of the second Big Rock location (Big Rock URBAN) in Vancouver. What an amazing time to be a part of this company. SO many exciting things happening! If you are in the Vancouver area and have no plans this weekend … now you do. Get your booty over to Big Rock Urban (west 4th and Alberta) and grab a pint and a snack… you won’t regret it!

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The second thing I want to update on is my affiliation with Under Armour. I am PROUDLY the very first (and only as of now!) Canadian AMBASSADOR for Under Armour. WOOOOOO!!!! It was a little while in the works, and it actually happened back in September. It was right around the time I got the job with Big Rock… hense, why I am just getting around to blogging about it now.

So – what does this mean? Well… Under Armour is doing some really amazing things as a company and I am stoked to be part of it. Many of you may know about the #sweataday challenge that has been going for a couple years now and this is sort of what got me going on UA as a company. Being the only ambassador in Canada, I get to do some pretty cool things like Instagram challenges (giveaways), charity events sponsored by Under Armour, and hopefully much more to come in the near future. I absolutely love their gear… I am up to 8 pairs of UA shoes, and I think 5 of those are the SPEEDforms.


If you haven’t checked out the Under Armour site in awhile – do yourself a favor and get on over there. They’ve got some really amazing clothes coming out and the shoes speak for themselves – snazzy and comfy… Can’t beat it!


I have many more updates and exciting things to post about, but my fingers need a time out. I will be back soon – guaranteed!


Happy Weekend y’all!


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