Monday, June 24, 2024

Coconut Water 101

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Over the last little while, I’m sure you’ve seen several different types of coconut water all over the place when you’re doing your shopping. It’s been getting a TON of hype lately and there are so many different options when looking for some. You’ll find original flavoured, as well as things like pineapple, mango or even chocolate coconut water.


Be sure not to mistake coconut water with coconut milk or coconut oil. Both of these items have their place, but coconut water is very different than it’s more fatty counterparts. (Stay tuned for next weeks post on coconut oil to learn all about the benefits of that fab little gem)


What are some of the reasons you should drink coconut water?


Rich In nutrients

Contains 5 essential electrolytes including: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Coconut water contains almost double the amount of potassium in a banana, offering ~600mg per 1 cup serving.


Glowing Skin

Coconut water can help to hydrate your skin from within. It also can be used topically to reduce blemishes and acne.


Can settle the stomach (including cure a hangover!)

Because it is so rich in electrolytes, it replenishes what you’ve lost from being sick (or from drinking too much) and can help the stomach to feel calm and relaxed


Boosts overall hydration   

Coconut water is more effective than other sports and energy drinks because of the high electrolyte content. These other drinks may have some electrolytes in them, but they also come with lots of sugar. Coconut water is relatively low in sugar, and the sugar it does contain is completely naturally occurring.


So, what can you do with coconut water?

There are tons of options when it comes to using coconut water in different drinks and recipes – but I have one go to that I am going to share with you. I have a scoop of protein powder at least once a day – sometimes more. Usually I’ll have it in a shake or protein pancake in the morning, and then following my evening workout. If you mix:

1 scoop protein powder (I prefer chocolate), 250-350ml of coconut water,  and a handful of ice together… it’ll blow your mind! The chocolate powder mixed with the coconut water is like dessert! And it’s such a great recovery beverage combining essential electrolytes, natural sugars, and protein ! 🙂


Lastly – I only use King Island coconut water because I love how natural tasting it is. It’s the lowest one in sugar I can find, and it’s delicious!


What is your favourite way to have coconut water ? And what is your favourite brand?


xxx Andrea


***post originally written for UGI blog ***

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