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What’s Beautiful & #teaforbooze – Get on it and WIN!

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Firstly, I need to say – wow, where have I been for a month. I’ve been pretty much MIA since the Libre Tea giveaway! Terrible, and no real good excuse!


What has happened since then? Well…. Big news actually, I finally finished my nutrition designation!!!! So, I am now a Certified Holistic Nutritionist :)!

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That took up a lot of time prepping for the final until the end of February. As soon as that was complete, I took on off to Mexico with the fam to celebrate (and for a vacation I guess haha).  I should probably do a recap of that trip and some of the sweet workouts we did while we were there, but, one thing at a time. This needs to be done first.



(forgive the ugly blackness around this pic. I could not get it edited the way I wanted and had to give up or my computer would have ended up broken. Collin – I will be asking for help on Monday. haha)


Anyway, back to my post. SO – while I was on a little bit of a hiatus, I come back now with exciting news!!!  I get to do a TEAAAAAA giveaway!!!! Y’all know that tea is one of my favorite things EVER, and the lovely folks at Tiesta are being amazing and letting me give some loose leaf goodness out to some lucky winners.



What do you need to do!?! Well, this is a little bit more than a typical blog giveaway. That means you’re going to have to work for it a little bit! It’s SO worth it though, I promise. These teas are actually so delightful tasting it’ll blow your mind.

Before I get into how you can win, let’s chat for a second about why I’m doing this. Why #teaforbooze? Well, I tend to take a month here and there and cut alcohol all together. I find it gives my body a break, helps me shed a few extra pounds, allows me to be DD for my wonderful husband for a month (that’s always fun!), and it’s just a good way to take a break and reset sometimes! I did reviews on my #teaforbooze month  back in September. It’s more fun doing these challenges if someone is doing it with me – because sometimes all I really want is a glass of wine, and as much as I love tea, it just may not cut it that day. Haha So to have support is always nice! 🙂 This challenge isn’t about completely cutting out booze for 6 weeks (although if you want to give it a go, I encourage you to try!) – it’s more about just being aware of what you’re consuming, and trying to swap out your booze and have tea instead, as much as possible! Still indulge, just be aware and maybe try out some new teas while you’re at it!

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The giveaway is going to be done through Under Armours ‘What’s Beautiful’ site. So the first thing you need to go is head on over to What’s Beautiful . If you don’t already have a ‘What’s Beautiful’ account, it is really quick and easy to sign up, and it’s such an awesome community. **note, the WB community is for women only, but if there are any men that would like to be part of the tea giveaway,  or women that want a chance to win, but don’t necessarily want to sign up for WB right now – I will give you a different way to enter!  – skip down to the bolded portion below

Okay, so here’s how to enter:

  1.    1. Log in/sign up for the Under Armour Women ‘What’s Beautiful’ community
  2.    2. Join the team #teaforbooze (you can search for it in the search bar at the top of the page – pick the one with the picture of TEA!)
  3.    3. Post your #teaforbooze pictures throughout the next 6 weeks on What’s Beautiful, and upload them to our ‘#teaforbooze team to keep everyone motivated (and so I can see what you’re posting, of course)

* pictures can be of anything you’d like that you feel is related to this challenge. Show us the types of tea you’re drinking, what your favorite brands are, hot or iced, mixed with fruit? Etc.  Get creative!

4.  You can also post your pictures on other social media channels for extra chances to win prizes! Be sure to tag me (@fitnessleash), and use the hashtags #teaforbooze #whatsbeautiful #iwill. You can also tag @underarmourwomen and @tiestatea if you’re really looking for bonus points!Every member that joins the #teaforbooze team will be eligible to win the main prize at the end of 6 weeks, as long as you’ve posted something throughout the challenge. That’s right,!!  That means you cannot just sign up for the challenge, and wait until 6 weeks is up and see if you’ve won anything!!! 😉 We want some participation here, ladies!

For those of you of the MALE gender, and for those lovely ladies that aren’t ready to sign up for What’s Beautiful just yet – – – as promised, you can still win prizes! You will not be eligible for the main prize (Two Tins of Tiesta Tea, 1 pouch of Tiesta tea, and 1 box of loose leaf tea bags) – but you WILL be eligible for both the other draws, which are still pretty dang good! (1 Tiesta tea tin, 1 Tiesta Tea pouch and 1 box of loose-leaf tea bags for each draw)  Just be sure to tag me (@fitnessleash), and use the hashtags #teaforbooze #whatsbeautiful #iwill. You can also tag @underarmourwomen and @tiestatea as mentioned above, which may or may not earn you bonus points!

The giveaway will go until April 30th – – – let’s get sippin !

xxx Andrea

I even got Greg onto the lattes this week!



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