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My First Review: Libre Travel Tea Mug (fitting, isn’t it?)

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Oh my gosh, I am so excited to be able to do this review.

If you’ve visited my tea page, you know that I am a hugeeee tea lover. Like it’s actually a bit of a problem.

Libre tea, gave me the opportunity to do a review for them for their famous on-the-go travel mugs! For being such a crazy tea chick, it’s weird that before this one, I have never owned a Libre Tea mug. I have a couple of the travel mugs from DAVIDs that were gifted to me, but never a Libre one. I was so excited for it to arrive 🙂

There are three different styles that you can choose from; A 9oz, a 14oz, or a 10oz mug (so cute!). I chose the mug because I had one that looks similar to the 9/14oz ones, and because I just thought it was so adorable I had to have it.



The first thing I noticed when it arrived was the packaging. It looked really unique and very ‘green’ – Great first impression.

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It’s a really nice looking mug and just as I suspected, I loved the look of the mug and handle.

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I took it apart right away so I could see what it was all about. There are 3 pieces to the mug. The bottom (mug) part, the filter, and the lid.

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The was it is designed, it allows you to decide if you want to put the loose tea in the actual mug part in the bottom and have the leaves floating around the whole time you drink the tea, or if you’d like to put it in the top filtered portion and remove it before you drink it.

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I liked leaving the tea in the mug, because it looks really pretty, and it’s more convenient than having to have somewhere to dump your leaves before drinking the tea (like shown in the pic at the top of the post!) However, if it was something like a delicate green or white tea that you wouldn’t want to over-steep, I would recommend putting it in the filtered portion so you can take it out before drinking it and prevent bitter tea.

The lid is fantastic in that it can screw on to the mug with the filer in, OR with the filter removed. So you can use it either way. As well, the lid is SUPER tight, and does not leak at all which is KEY for me because I’m on the go all the time and want something that I can throw into my bag and not worry about it getting all over my stuff!

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Overall, this mug is amazing. I love it, I recommend it, and I can’t believe I’ve been a tea lover for so long and have just gotten my hands on one of these bad boys now! My ONLY complaint is the size – and this is my own fault because I had the option to review a 14oz one instead, but I chose the mug knowing full well it was only 10oz. I usually like to have fairly large teas, so 10oz is a little small compared to what I am used to. But again, this is something that can be easily avoided – if you know you like big drinks, go with the 14ozer. If this review isn’t detailed enough and you still have some questions, or are just simply intruiged and want to know more… check out Libre’s ‘how to’ video here 

I am super stoked that the nice folks over at Libre Tea are letting me do a GIVEAWAY! 🙂

This giveaway will be open for One Week, which means the winner will be randomly chosen on Sunday February 9th!! Leave a comment and tell me which Libre tea mug you would choose if you won, and also what your favorite tea is that you would fill it with! You can get credit for two entries if you leave a second post (so two separate posts) of a picture of your fave tea so we can all see! Just leave a second post with the link to where you posted the picture (IG, Twitter, Facebook). Be sure to mention what the picture is for, so everyone knows what you are trying to win! 😉

** Giveaway is open to residents of Canada, US and UK **


Give Libre some love on facebook , pinterest or follow them on twitter at @libretea.



Thanks so much for reading everyone, and GOOD LUCK!




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