Monday, June 24, 2024

Under Armour and how they knocked my socks off!


Under Armour — where do I begin.

I have a massive crush on everything that works at UA right now… seriously!

Let me explain.

So about 3 months ago I came across this ‘#sweataday’ challenge. And to be honest, I can’t remember where I found it. I don’t know if it was directly on Instagram just through creepin different people (big creeper here) or if it was through my girl Powercakes . Either way, I found #sweataday and Shauna Harrison (the creator of this fantastic challenge and a super rad chick!) and I was hooked.

Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 11.01.41 PM

Such a simple concept – such a great idea. 1 exercise, that is it. She posts one exercise each day and you do it. You can do it once, you can do it 100 times, you do whatever works for you. The point is that you do it and you post about it. So take a video, a photo or both and post it on instagram. Not only are you getting a FREE new and exciting exercise given to you each day, but if you do it, and post about it, you have a chance to win some swag! And here is where it gets really interesting – we’re talkin SERIOUS swag (I’ll get to this part later). The challenge is sponsored by Under Armour, incase you haven’t figured that out already!

Lets get back on track here. I am getting too excited and skipping ahead.

To take part in the challenge, it is really pretty simple (and I say is, because this challenge is still going on…indefinitely. So when you’re done reading this, get on it)

You need to be following Shauna on instagram, and it’s a good idea for you follow Under Armour, and Under Armour Women. For each post you do for the challenge, you need to tag the three things I listed above (Shauna, Under Armour, and Under Armour Women) andddd you need to hashtag #iwill, and #sweataday. Easy, right?

So I start this challenge. I like to be active on instagram anyway, and some of the exercises she was posting were really cool – Taking a pretty basic move and making it super intense. It was also great for Greg and I because it was giving us some sweet new moves to impress our fitness classes with! Haha

Fast forward approximately 3 months. I had been really steppin up my game over the holidays hoping that I would get chosen as a winner. We integrated some of the workouts into our classes, I was trying to get others to do the exercises in their classes/workouts, and I was dragging friends to do V-ups with me on the street ! (Thanks Minesh!)


Anyway, after 3 months or so of posting every day I saw the post I was waiting for !  I was chosen as one of the winners for the last week of the year! J  I was thrilled. I emailed the address I was given to claim my prize and was immediately sent a response from a lovely gal over at UA headquarters asking me for my clothing AND shoe size. Excuse me? Clothes AND shoes? It was like Christmas all over again. This surprised me mainly because Shauna chose 2-3 winners of this challenge PER WEEK. So I was thinking the prize was maybe a shirt and tights combo, which would still have been super cool.

When my swag bag arrived, I could not believe it. It was never ending.

3 shirts – bright pink, bright blue (although it looks like black here) and white

photo 3

2 pairs of tights (one cropped, one long)

photo 2


photo 4

socks, AND a gym bag.

photo 5

I. was. Stoked.

Speechless really. How could one company be giving so much back to their dedicated community of followers and WHY is everyone NOT doing this challenge?

Greg was annoyed with me at first when I was always asking him to take videos and pics for me, but when I WON and got my bag, he couldn’t BELIEVE that he didn’t jump on board sooner. So now, he’s been doing the challenge as well, for 9 days now!

Yep, that's my man!

I didn’t do this post to brag about my winnings (okay, I kinda did!) But seriously, I just wanted to share this amazing challenge with anyone who doesn’t yet know about it, and I also wanted to give some SERIOUS props to Shauna Harrison for creating such a bass ass challenge, as well as Under Armour and Under Armour Women of course, for being so ridiculously generous with these giveaways. The coolest thing is, I’ve checked out so many of the people who are participating in the #sweataday challenge, and lots of them are total beginners. People that maybe wanted to get into working out (or get BACK into working out) but didn’t know where to start.

This is such an awesome challenge with a fantastic community of supportive, fun people all rooting for each other to try the next pose and venture to the more difficult modification.  I am so happy I stumbled upon #sweataday a few months ago and have found a home with this amazing Under Armour community. I cannot wait to become more involved with everything these crazy folks have goin on!

I haven’t even touched on the #Whatsbeautiful challenge, which is another thing that the Under Armour Women team has going on right now (this challenge is just for ladies, where the #sweataday is for both genders!) I haven’t totally dove in to the #whatsbeautiful challenge yet, but I plan to within the next month or so, so definitely stay tuned for a post on that soon.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to check out the @sweataday challenge for yourself. If not, at least take a little gander at Shauna’s instagram account (@shauna_harrison) because her posts are crazy inspiring!

Have an awesome Monday!

xxx – Andrea

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