Monday, June 24, 2024

#makeitcount Week 3 – recap

Week 3 – Day 14


This was a great start to the week! Nice little full body burn with some cardio sprinkled in. Aim for 5 round but of course modify as needed.




20 pushups

20 dips

20 bicep curls

20 leg lifts

100 mountain climbers


Repeat x5 for 100 of each and 500 mountain climbers


Week 3 – Day 15


I did this one with my fellow colleagues at Vega – my lunchtime crew – and they were NOT a fan! Haha do not let that discourage you – just know it is a super kick @$$ workout!!!!


Do the following for 4 rounds


5 dive bombers

10 pushups

15 burpees

20 dips

30 shoulder taps

40 jumping squats

50 reptile plank

100 high knees


60 seconds rest


Burnout – low pulse squat tabata

– do 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 8 rounds (4 mins total) doing pulse squats, where you’re holding a low squat and pulsing up and down for the full 20 seconds. GREAT burn out.



Week 3 – Day 16



I am still very much learning in this domain. I would recommend checking out or even PINTEREST for a morning Yoga routine J



Week 3 – Day 17


Work. Those. Arms.


Close Grip Curls x 10

Tricep Dips on bench x 15

Mountain climbers 


Wide grip curls x 10

Tricep extensions x 10

In and outs 


7s (top half for 7, bottom half for 7, full curl for 7)

Tricep Push ups x 10

Cross leg Burpees 


Do each ‘grouplett’ x3 and move on to the next

Bolded ones are timed for 1 min





Week 3 – Day 18


This is an awesome workout whether you have a partner or not. If you don’t just take a small break (15-20 seconds) between your ‘countdown’


In and out with pushup

Squat jumps

V ups




The breakdown:

Ideally, you have a partner for this workout.

You will start with 10 in and out w/ pushup, then your partner will do 10

You will do 9, then your partner will do 9….. all the way down to 1


Then you move on to the next exercise.

You will do 10 squat jumps, then your partner will do 10

You will do 9, then your partner will do 9…. again all the way down to 1



Week 3 – Day 19


This workout is a simpler one compared to some of the others, if I do say so myself. So if you’re not feeling super gassed at the end, do it again. That’s right… make it a 600 rep challenge J


300 rep sweat sesh


30 push ups

30 air squats

30 jumping squats (air squats mod)

30 plank dips per side (60 total)

30 true mountain climbers (foot to hand)

30 dips

45 high knees

45 walking lunges


Burnout: 50 regular calf raises, 50 turned out, 50 turned in


Hopefully you enjoy these – please let us know how you do!!!




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