Thursday, May 30, 2024

#makeitcount Week 2 recap

Another week has come and gone. Holy smokes! 
I am going to keep this one pretty short and sweet and all about the workouts ūüôā Either that, or it doesn’t get posted for another few days, and by that point, we’ll be into week 3 recap already!!¬†
Monday – Day 7

Start with Tabata Рlow squat pulses 

20 secs on 10 secs rest (x8)
15 Pistol Squats (per leg) Рstand on the ground and lift one leg up while squatting with the other, or do as I have done in vid and stand on an elevated surface (easier to get a deep squat)
15 Wall stands and tuck jump Рhand stand on the wall followed by a deep squat and tuck jump
15 Up downs with reptile Рplank style with reptile knee to shoulder between each up down (see video)
25 Switch Jumps (per leg) Рlunge jumps, 50 total Рdo a front lunge, then jump up and switch which leg is infront, repeat
25 V ups¬†– double leg raise and a sit up all in one, so the body comes up into a ‘v’ position. Can do single leg if needed for a modification (one leg up at a time!)
25 Jump ups (on stair or box) Рjumping up with both legs onto elevated surface, jump back down and land in a deep squat
Leg lifts with reach through 
20 secs on 10 secs off (x8)


РPistol squats, wall stand/tuck jump, updowns with reptile and leg lift with reach through are all shown in video 
Tuesday – Day 8
Set timer for 50 secs and 10 secs
This workout is 50 on 10 rest

Squat and press with sandbag or weight Рsquat down deep and do a straight up shoulder press when you stand
Plank to pike on ball (or floor with paper to slide) Рstart in pike position, bring feet into pike either straight legs or knees bent
Push ups
Sandbag Swings Рhold sandbag or weight in between legs, squat down and swing weight/bag straight out infront of you to about shoulder height, bring back down and squat (weight will swing between legs)
Opposite foot to hand plank kicks Рstart in plank, bring right foot under your body to touch a raised left hand, go back to plank, then bring left foot under body to touch a raised right hand
Switch Jumps Рstart in a lunge, jump up in the air and switch which foot is infrontx 2-3 rounds depending on time you have
– Squat and press, plank to pike (2 variations), sandbag swing and opposite foot to hand plank kicks shown in video
Wednesday РDay 9 
AMRAP in 20 minutes
You’re going to¬†perform¬†15 of each of the following
Military style burpees Рburpee but instead of pushup, come down onto belly and then push back up to standing 
Leg lift with bum raise Рregular leg lift but then raise the hips and the bum for an extra challenge 
Push up Рdrop to knees as a modification 
Jumping Squats (air squat as modification if needed)
Dips Рuse anything you can find that is elevated (chair, step, box, couch) or you can do them on the ground and raise hips a little higher 
Plank Jacks Рstart in plank position (forearm plank) and hop legs out and back in like jumping jacks but on the ground 


– Burpees, Leg lift with raise, dips and plank jacks all shown in video
photo (8)
Thursday – Day 10
Count it down
100 high knees (running on the spot, knees come up as close to chest as possible) 
90 squats (nice deep squats Рjumping squats for extra challenge) 
80 mason twists (seated, lift bent legs and twist arms from side to side)
70 low jacks (stay in low squat positions and jump legs in and out) 
60 true mountain climbers (in plank, right foot comes up to right hand, switch) 
50 skater lunges (jump over to right side, do a curtsy lunge, jump to left, curtsy) 
40 leg raises (laying on back lift legs up and lower down, legs straight if possible) 
30 push-up jacks (pushup, jump feet wide and back in,push-up Рrepeat) 
20 suicides (side shuffle from left to ride in as big of a space possible touching floor each time you hit the end of each side) 
10 cross leg military burpee (burpee with a wide base, cross one leg over the other, lay down on belly, push back up, switch legs next time)
Bonus: 50 double heel taps – laying in superman position, legs up, heels come in and tap twice, then back out (that’s 1) repeat


– Mason twists, low jacks, skater lunges, push up jacks, cross leg military burpee, heel taps all shown in video
Friday РDay 11 
I tried to incorporate some YOGA into my week and I am going to do this next week too! It is one of my goals to do more (like 3x/week if possible!) so you guys gotta do it with me! Next week will be simpler to follow, I promise!
Downward Dog > Vinyasa >  Standing FWD Fold >  Step back DD
Runner’s Lunge (5)
Low Lunge arms overhead (5)
High lunge (1 big breath)
¬Ĺ Splits (8-10)
DD (5)
Repeat Left Side
Right foot to outside of right hand- keep right hand on floor and reach left arm up (5)
DD –¬†Vinyasa
Warrior 2 Right foot forward (5)
Exhalted Warrior (5)
Humble Warrior… shoulders! (5)
Warrior 2  
Triangle (5)
DD (5)
Hip Stack
Thread the needle


– whole flow shown in video as best I can – not my best work, I gotta be honest! haha will work on it for next week
Saturday – Day 12
Tabata (20 on 10 rest) X 8 rounds
Round 1 РBicep curls 
Round 2 РDips 
Round 3 Рhammer curl /tri extension 
Round 4 РLeg lifts on dip station 
16 mins total


– whole workout shown in video. Greg also shows a tricep pushup option!
How did you guys do with these workouts? Anyone manage to do all of them so far?
Would love to hear how they went!

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