Thursday, May 30, 2024

#makeitcount Week 1 recap


I have to say, some mornings it has been really hard for me to get up and going because I am not yet in the habit of getting to bed early enough. I always feel like I have ‘just 1 more thing’ to do, and before I know it it’s already midnight. 

Anyway, it was a really good week in terms of getting back into the habit of rising and sweating 🙂
Day 1 was a nice little body weight workout to get everyone movin and grovin.
It went like this:
10 dips ( do them on a stair or elevated surface if possible)
15 burpees (Military style is where you lay your chest and belly onto the ground in between each one )
20 supermans ( laying on your belly, arms and legs rise up to focus on glutes, lower back and hamstrings)
30 in and outs ( in a plank position (straight arms), jump feet in between hands and back out to plank, repeat )
40 squat jump or low squat pulse (low squat pulse is staying nice and low in the squat position and just pulsing up and down)
50 true mountain climbers ( foot comes all the way up beside hands each ‘climb’ )
Repeat 4-5 rounds 


Day 2  was a quick and dirty tabata style workout. 4 different exercises, 4 minutes total for each.
Tabata is high intensity and really quick but certainly not easy. You do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. Giddy up!
Squat Pulse (low squat pulse is staying nice and low in the squat position and just pulsing up and down)
V ups (leg lift combined with a sit up basically. Full body comes into a ‘v’ position. Modification would be to do 1 leg at a time!)
Switch lunge jumps (do a forward lunge then jump both feet into the air and switch what foot is infront, repeat)
In and Outs (plank position, jump feet in towards hands and back out into plank)



Day 3 was a ‘weights optional’ workout! I like to do weight free ones so anyone can do them, no matter where you are or what you have to work with. Although there will be some coming up with weights, for sure!! I like to really feel the burn on single muscles sometimes 🙂
25 reps  Turkish Get up – use light weight or even water bottle (start laying on the ground and have water bottle or weight in 1 hand. Keeping core tight, stand up without using your hands and raise your hand high, lay back down. Repeat with opposite leg standing you up and opposite arm in the air – see vid for more help!
25 Burpee with 5 mountain climbers  (standard burpee but instead of pushup do 5 mountain climbers, then jump up)
25/leg One Legged Hip Raise on Ball or Chair (One foot up on couch or ball with leg bent, other leg raised, lift hips up pressing into foot that is on ball or couch targeting glutes, hamstrings and core)
100 High knees – (standing tall, core tight, jumping from leg to leg with knee into chest as you jump)
12/arm One arm push up to pike (laying on belly legs wide one arm down, do a 1 arm press up arching back to get up and pushing all the way into a pike with bum in the air)
50 True mountain climbers  (in plank position feet jump one at a time up beside hand -right foot jump up on to flat on the floor position right beside right hand- switch and do the same for left 

—– Turkish Get up, One legged hip raise and one arm push up.pike are shown in video

Day 4 used some weights! Should take around 20-25 mins or so total. And if you have less time than that you can always do less rounds. Something is always better than nothing 🙂
15 pushups 
15 row/deadift – hinge at the hips, do a close grip row (shoulder blades pulled in tights) and row, then go back to where you started with arms hanging down and do a dead lift – repeat 
12 shoulder press – can be done with barbell, sandbag, dumbbells, bands etc. Straight up standing or seated press with arms coming down just below 90 degrees 
12 curls – regular bicep curls again to be down with anything you have ((barbell, dumbbell, sandbag, bands etc) Keep elbows in tight to hips to avoid swinging/poor form
12 tricep extensions – standing up hold arms straight above head with whatever weight you chose to use. Bend arms to about 90 degrees letting the weight come back behind your head
Repeat for 4 rounds. Do 1 round of cardio following each round
Rounds 1 and 3 do burpees 
Rounds 2 and 4 do ski jumps (like in and outs where you start in a plank position and jump feet in between hands then back out to plank, but instead of coming in between hands, jump feet out to the left side of your left hands, and back out, then jump in to the right side of your right hand and back out. Repeat 🙂



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