Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Full Body – no weight (Day 1 #makeitcount)

Day 1  was a nice little body weight workout to get everyone movin and grovin. 
It went like this:
10 dips ( do them on a stair or elevated surface if possible)
15 burpees (Military style is where you lay your chest and belly onto the ground in between each one )
20 supermans ( laying on your belly, arms and legs rise up to focus on glutes, lower back and hamstrings)
30 in and outs ( in a plank position (straight arms), jump feet in between hands and back out to plank, repeat )
40 squat jump or low squat pulse (low squat pulse is staying nice and low in the squat position and just pulsing up and down)
50 true mountain climbers ( foot comes all the way up beside hands each ‘climb’ )
Repeat 4-5 rounds 


This is an awesome workout for the wholeeeeeee body including cardio and you can vary the length too! The goal is 4-5 rounds, but depending how much time you have that can be altered to suit your needs!

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