Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Upper Body – with weights

andrea upper body

This is going to give your upper body an awesome burn while still keeping the heart rate up with the high knees at the end of each round. Here’s how it goes!


NOTE – This is another video that is too long. We will not be making any more this length and apologies that this one got away from us! Just fast forward to whichever exercises you need to see ๐Ÿ™‚

Round 1

15 pushups
15 dips
10 push ups
10 dips
5 push ups
5 dips
100 high knees
Round 2
15 wide grip rows
15 wide grip curls
10 wide grip rows
10 wide grip curls
5 wide grip rows
5 wide grip curls
100 high knees
Round 3
15 chest press
15 skull crushers
10 chest press
10 skull crushers
5 chest press
5 skull crushers
100 high knees
Round 4
15 close grip rows
15 close grip curls
10 close grip rows
10 close grip curls
5 close grip rows
5 close grip rows
100 high knees
We did this one with our class at Golds and they were toast by the end, but all seemed to enjoy it!
See what you can d0 – let us know how long it takes you!

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