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Tiesta Tea Party Review

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OH man, where do I even start for this one!?

So, if you’re not too sure how my relationship with the lovely folks of Tiesta came about, you can check that out here.
I’ve been chatting with them about different ideas to raise product and brand awareness for them here in Canada and mainly the Vancouver Area. Right now, the only place they offer their products that I know of in Canada is in Calgary and that isn’t exactly a stones through away for me. As much as I love their tea (and I do LOVE their tea) Calgary is quite a hike from Burnaby, BC.
When talking with a couple people from their team, I mentioned a few different ways that I thought might bring home hype and awareness locally here, about the goodness that is TiestaTea. We tossed around ideas of doing different sampling sessions at various events, doing some giveaways, or even just passing out sample packets. The winning idea though, was to throw a TiestaTea party! I know there is one other company that does this right now (SteepedTEA) and it’s sort of like a Tupperware, or Mary Kay style party, but with TEA. We figured we’d give it a go and see if it worked – and let me tell you, it.was.awesome!
He LOVES it already~!
2013-09-22 15.33.04
A couple of the youngest tea fans I’ve ever seen!
Everyone that came seemed to have an awesome time and I know there were many people who wanted to come that couldn’t due to being out of town or prior engagements. I definitely would love to have more, if the good folks of Tiesta will let me!


I set it up with my amazing Co Host Morgan Shupe, and we spent the whole day before prepping! We could have gone out and bought some little treats and snacks, butttttttttt Morgan is a chef, so that (buying snacks instead of making them) would not be allowed under her watch! We had everything from tea infused hummus, to raw lemon squares, to maca bark – all things that pair wonderfully with tea of course. We also knew the crowd coming, and new that they surely wouldn’t turn down an beverage of the alcoholic variety if it was presented to them! 😉
The spread


 We thought it would be a good idea to mix up some SANGRIA tea (We used Fireberry), and a Tiestatini (We used Chunky watermelon and raspberry vodka!). We also used Ginger Sweet Peach iced, and left that one non – alcoholic. People generally love iced teas because they’re a great substitute to juice. It was really cold and rainy on the day of our party, so we needed some hot teas too! We mixed up a few of my faves including Kokomate, Pumpkin Patch, and Victorian Earl Grey. Once those were gone, we tried some Chai Love with spiced rum. That was a real hit!!!
2013-09-22 14.10.57


My friend Collin decided he would treat us to some VEGAN Baileys (homemade of course) that he brought to put in the hot teas!! YUM!!!!
Vegan Baileys
I  had all the other teas that I own from Tiesta sitting on my table with little steeper bags beside them. This way, if there was anything someone wanted to try (and smelling it just wasn’t going to cut it) they could mix up their choice of tea and give it a go!
2013-09-22 15.05.50
I also was able to do a couple giveaways (which is always nice – who doesn’t like free stuff!) This basket was a prize and included 3 tins of tea, a mug and some tea bags!
I  had a couple mugs that I could use as prizes for people who were there!
Overall, the party I think was a great success and I would love to do it again ! I am hoping to do one around Christmas time I think – it would be a perfect opportunity for stocking stuffers and holiday teas!

Please let me know if you have any questions about Tiesta – I would LOVE to help spread the word and get you on the amazing Tiesta Train! 🙂

Your tea guru,




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