Wednesday, May 29, 2024

#teaforbooze Week 4 Review

I even got Greg onto the lattes this week!

My last week of #teaforbooze! I can’t believe this month is over already.

I’m going to get right into it as I have some prep to do for the October challenge starting tomorrow (holy crap where has this year gone?)

My first tea of the week for Day 22 was Kokomate. Kokomate tea is the whole reason I came into contact with Tiesta in the first place. It is my favorite blend that they offer (although I do have some close seconds now!) I tried it at a health and wellness show back in March and have been in loveeeee since 🙂 I contacted the company to see if I could get some more samples and it was a match made in heaven!! This blend is super creamy and coconutty, but not so sweet that you can’t handle it. It’s honestly perfect for any kind of day – morning wake up (because it’s a mate), or dessert. You can’t go wrong with this one ladies and gents!



Day 23 was Mulberry Magic from DAVIDsTEA.  I went to link the tea on instagram when I posted last week and realized it’s no longer available. Boo. Sad. It’s an herbal blend so naturally #caffeinefree and has a nice sweet flavor without any added sweetener. Awesome for before bed or dessert 🙂 Pistachio Cream is quite similar as it too contains mulberries, but it isn’t the same.



Day 24 was a Chinese Jasmine Pearl kinds day from Tiesta. I love this blend because it’s got the simplicity of a green, but more depth because of the jasmine flavor! Sometimes I forget what a nice green tea tastes like because I get blinded by all the awesome, creative flavors that are out there today! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the flavors… but it’s nice to be reminded what a basic green tea tastes like! SO GOOD! 🙂




Day 25 of #teaforbooze was Organic Cocoa Canela  from DAVIDsTEA. So yummy. It’s honestly like a [healthy] hot chocolate!! Plus it’s Yerba mate so it’s going to give you a natural but substantial boost 🙂




Day 26  was  Chocolate Chili Chai also from DAVIDs. It’s sweet but not too sweet and oh so tasty!!! This is part of their Winter Collection, and thus isn’t out yet this year. I know the ones I like, from being a longtime DAVIDs fan, so I stock up from season to season. This is one you’re going to want to get your hands on when the seasons change – that I promise!




Day 27 was a cheat day for me!! It was our 1 year wedding anniversary (that’s a big one you guys!!!) So Greg and I went out for dinner, and then we went to see a couple of our favorite country artists Jason Aldean, Jake Owen, and Thomas Rhett at Rogers Arena! My sister-in-law Kerri sent us a bottle of wine at the restaurant we were at (how thoughtful!) so we split that first…



and then of course there were a couple beers at the concert (at $14.50 PER BEER! I nearly died)

2013-09-28 19.56.09



Day 28 I went with an old favorite of mine, Checkmate. It’s a blend of black and white tea, and also has coconut and chamomile flowers in it! The cool thing is, it tastes like chocolate!! Apparently the coconut and chamomile blends to resemble a hot cocoa flavor.




Day 29 – last day of this challenge already!!! I went with Milky Oolong from Tea Desire. For those of you interested though, I know that Tea Desire isn’t available all over the place. Tealish has an amazing milk oolong, and so does DAVIDs.  Tea Desire does have the most reasonable price for this blend though. It is a most expensive one, I am guessing because of the processing of the leaves and the blend itself. But it is worth it!! This blend is one of the smoothest blends I’ve ever had. It honestly doesn’t smell AMAZING, compared to some of the other crazy fruity or herbal blends out there,  but the taste is oh so gooddddddd! 🙂



That is it for the challenge this month! It was awesome to get back into some of the teas I haven’t had in while.

Hopefully I’ve inspired someone to try some new teas. As always, let me know if you have any questions about any of them!

Happy Sipping 🙂

Your tea guru,



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