Sunday, May 26, 2024

#teaforbooze Week 3 Review

Just chillin ;)


This week was another awesome week filled with lots of teas and tons of sharing 🙂

(Day 15) Pumpkin Chai was the first one I had this week! It’s a Fall special  tea from DAVIDs. This tea comes every year in their fall collection and it is so popular. I have to stock up every year because once it’s gone, it is gone until next fall 🙁  It contains Black tea, cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel, squash, carrot, caramel bits,  and pumpkin candies. This tea does natural and artificial flavouring*. I am not crazy about the artificial flavoring in there, but I believe everything in moderation is just fine 🙂 This tea is SO good in a latte, and in my opinion doesn’t need any extra sweetener!


Day 16 was a special day for me. Coconut Bongo Oolong is a love I have had since I lived in Toronto a few years ago. I now live in BC and order this tea from Toronto whenever I run out. It has been my all time favorite hot tea for a few years now! There are a few close seconds, like Kokomate, and Coconut Grove (notice a theme here?) but this one remains on top. Such a smooth and creamy flavor, but not too sweet or too strong. Just. Perfect!
Day 17 Belongs to White Jasmine all the way from Calgary. My bud Collin brought this back for me to add to my tea drawer and it has been a fan favorite!! This little beaut is different from anything else I have and I love it!! It’s (as the name states) a white jasmine tea with earthy undertones. SO yum!
Passionberry Jolt was my go to for Day 18!  This energizing blend  is subtly sweet with black tea, raspberries, marigolds and cornflowers (the pretty blue stuff!) Great hot or iced, and perfect as a coffee substitute for a quick boost with no crash  Yes please!
Day 19 –  What an amazing combo this was !! We did DAVIDsTEA Creme Brulee and were spoiled with a homemade maple and pumpkin syrup from the amazing Morgan Shupe! Holy smokes it was bad @$$! SO GOOD!! Creme Brulee is a naturally caffeine free blend (rooibos) so it’s a good option for later in the evening and is great for your skin!! Thanks for sharing Morgan ! What a lovely Friday surprise.
Day 20 –  was a delicious Chai Love late from Tiesta Tea . I was getting prepped for big #tiestateaparty that happened on Sunday!!
DAY 21 belonged to the Tiesta Tea party. I will be doing a separate post for that one, coming soon! 🙂
Another successful and delicious week down……. only 1 and a bit more to go!
There WILL be a cheat day noted in my post for this upcoming week. It is mine and Greg’s 1 year anniversary on Saturday (WOO!!!!!!!!!) And we’re going to the Jason Aldean country concert. Since I am a country girl at heart, there is no way I can properly celebrate my anniversary, OR a country concert without a beer in hand. So I will be having a cheat night on Saturday.
Stay tuned to hear about the concert ! Have a marvelous week! 🙂


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