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#teaforbooze Week 2 Review

My care package from Tiesta
My care package from Tiesta

Alright, so week 2 has already come and gone and I am actually loving this challenge. I always drink a ton of tea, but with this challenge it is amped right up and I am also having new/different ones each day, which is encouraging me to have some of the ones on my tea wall that I’ve forgotten about.


As well,  my friends over at Tiesta Tea couldn’t have had more perfect timing. Monday morning last week I received a box with my name on it that had ‘Tiesta Tea’ on the sides!  WOOO! New kinds for me to sample before my Tea Party coming up next weekend (separate post to come on that!) So in the coming weeks, there will be lot of new ones from Tiesta that I will be trying out ! 🙂


Okay, here we go!


Queen of Tarts

This organic blend contains guayusa, which is a natural stimulant, so it won’t give the spike and crash that coffee does! It also has hibiscus and marigold which contributed to the natural tartiness of the tea. I had it iced with a tiny bit of agave and it was super refreshing and gave me a nice burst of energy.


I hit up the source itself for a tasty little treat to start off the week!!
I hit up the source itself for a tasty little treat to start off the week!!


Flapjack Oolong

This is one of the new blends I received this week from Tiesta, and holy smokes it was good. One of my new faves, for sure! It kind of reminds me of a blend of Toasted Walnut, and Oh Canada (both from DAVIDsTEA). It has few ingredients – oolong, walnuts and maple syrup. But this tea absolutely proves that simple is best sometimes. It really does taste like pancakes – such a nice treat J And because it’s an oolong, it’s great to have after dinner to help with digestion and speed up metabolism.




Crème Au Chocolat

This black tea blend smelled like it was going to be really sweet (which isn’t always my fave in a tea). But when I steeped it up and added a few splashes of almond milk it was absolutely perfect. It was chocolaty enough to be smooth and delicious, but not so chocolaty that the sweetness was overwhelming. This one is fairly light on ingredients as well – Black tea, chocolate chips, and cocoa kernels is all this beauty needs!




Kanpe & Strawberry Rhubarb

These are honestly two of my favorite teas EVER to have iced. It was so hot in our apartment last week and I REALLY could have gone for a nice frosty brew (or a frozen margarita actually) but this iced tea combo really did the trick. Kanpe is my all-time favorite iced tea iced, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better… I added a little strawberry rhubarb and was quickly proven wrong. Both have lots of hibiscus which I LOVE in an iced tea. Plus, the profits for the kanpe go to Haiti. It’s delicious and helping the world be a better place. Super rad.




Fruity Pebbles

This is a great little green tea blend that has a fairly subtle flavor to it. I was surprised actually that it wasn’t a little fruitier. It was tasty, absolutely, just not as fruity as I expected. Really good for those people who are looking for a fairly standard green tea flavor with just a little twist!




Peaches n’ Cream

This blend is part of the ‘relaxer’ collection as it’s caffeine free. It is a rooibos tea too, which is loaded with antioxidants, great for your skin, and can actually be really awesome after a workout because it can help reduce lactic acid buildup. In this blend you’ll find peach and apple bits, as well as hibiscus! Honestly, a little cup of heaven on a rainy, cool afternoon.




Earl Grey de la Crème

This one is a fan favorite for sure! It’s what I would say your ‘standard’ cream of Earl Grey, but kicked up a notch. It’s so smooth and creamy, and is the perfect start to your day, or a nice afternoon pick me up! It features Earl Grey black tea, vanilla flavoring (all natural of course) and blue mallow blossoms. No idea what those are, but they’re delicious!





Check out any of these teas and give them a try . If you’ve already tasted them, let me know what you thought of them!! Would love to hear your feedback  🙂 Have a great week everyone!














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