Friday, October 22, 2021

#teaforbooze Week 1 Review


And what a week it has been! I decided I was going to cut out booze this month and drink lots and lots of tea (more than usual for a number of reasons).

1) It’s going to save me money . I have tons of different teas – well over 100, so that’s more than enough to drink several cups each day and not get bored. I won’t be buying booze on the weekends for this month, so that will leave extra money in my pocket

2) It’s so much better for me!!! I am not a huge drinker in that I go out every single weekend and get downright bombed. Those days are behind me now 😉 But I do LOVE wine… and I have trouble having just 1 glass. I also really enjoy margaritas in the summer time – you can see how this becomes a problem when there are several nice days in row ! Tea has tons of health benefits , and I always find when I cut out booze (and amp up my tea intake) I shed some unwanted pounds. Not the point of this month, but a definite bonus I will welcome

3) It allows me to write about one of my fave things ever – TEA! I have so many different flavors, kinds etc and it’s nice to be able to write a little bit about each one. I am confident that there is a tea out there for everyone… even people who say they aren’t ‘tea drinkers’. They just haven’t found the right one yet. This proves true with one of my good girlfriends, Sarah. For the longest time I would make her all my favorite teas and she would as politely as possible tell me that she thought they tasted like water. Recently – she met her match (Coconut Grove). She is slowly starting to understand my obsession.

Here’s a quick recap of the 6 teas I have had this week in my #teaforbooze week 1!


First time trying Cocoberry


First time trying Cocoberry
First time trying Cocoberry

Day 1 (& Day 3) – Cocoberry Mate                                                                                                                                                                                        This is one of DAVIDsTEAS   new fall collection teas. It’s a yerba mate, which means an all natural, holistic stimulant without the jitters. It has lots of really interesting ingredients like hibiscus, coffee bean and mango. I wasn’t sure how I would like those flavors together, but it’s quite nice. No flavor comes out too strong, and they do go quite nicely together. Plus – I LOVE yerba mates in the morning to get my day off to an energetic start!

** note – I didn’t realize I duplicated this one until now. Clearly I was still on vacation brain when I got back and did this one on Monday last week.

Apparently I liked it so much on Day 1 I wanted to repeat on Day 3
Apparently I liked it so much on Day 1 I wanted to repeat on Day 3

Day 2 – Fireberry and Blueberry Wild Child                                                                                                                                                                                                       I decided I wanted to do an iced on Day 2. The whole point of #teaforbooze is to have tea at a time where I am craving booze. Like after a long day at work I love a good glass of wine. So, I had some iced tea after dinner this nice that was loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and filled with flavor.  Fireberry also has some rooibos tea in it which is great following a workout and also really good for your skin.

It was an iced tea kinda day
It was an iced tea kinda day

Dav 4 – Matevana                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      On Day 4 I had another yerba mate (noticing a trend here? After a week of vacation I was quite low on energy!) This one was one of my very first loose leaf tea loves. It has chocolate chips, almond pieces and hints of coffee bean and hazelnut to make it a great option for those trying to kick the coffee habit. Plus, it is soooo delicious you won’t even miss that morning cup of Java (says the non coffee drinker!)


Day 5 – Pistachio Cream                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          David’s is getting some serious love in this weeks review! Mainly because they just put out 5 new teas for fall!! This caffeine free gem (Pistachio Cream) was a real treat. It reminded me very much of a different tea that Davids has called Mulberry Magic (for those DAVIDsTEA fans, you may know this one). To me, they tasted quite similar. Both have mulberry leaves, so that is likely what tied them together for me. Really creamy, really flavorful and a great option for bedtime as it is caffeine free!



Day 6 – Cold 911                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       This tea is KEY when you have a cold. I have been having mug after mug of this the last few days. Just opening the bag and smelling it can clear a stuffy head. It has peppermint (LOTS of it) juniper berries and orange peal. Lots of vitamin C and immune boosting ingredients there folks, not to mention the pepperment feels SO soothing on a sore throat.



Day 7 – Secret Weapon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This tea has been a favorite of mine for a long time! The fact that it has immune boosting properties is sheer bonus for me because I loved it before I knew that!  It is really flavorful for a white tea (usually they’re more subtle) and has a really nutty scent. This antioxidant filled white tea is loaded with goji berries which are a great superfood and will hopefully help kick my cold in the @$$!! Fingers crossed. I’ll keep you posted.


Thats my review for the first week of #teaforbooze. Hope you enjoyed!!

Your tea guru,



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