Thursday, May 30, 2024

Full Body – with weights and cardio interval

Around the worlds, rows, chest press
Around the worlds, rows, chest press

For this workout you’re going to do each little grouplette twice before moving on to the next round (Greg says grouplette isn’t a word… but I know you guys know what I mean by that!)  So, you would do the squat/press, dead lift high pull/ and heel up chest press  followed by one minute of one legged burpees. REPEAT ! Then after you’ve done two rounds, you can take a break (aim for 30 seconds) and then move on to the next little grouplette.


Deadlift high pull combo
Deadlift high pull combo

10- Squat and press
10- Deadlift high pull
10 -Heel up chest press
1 min one legged burpee

15- Dips
15x- Rocking row
15 – Sandbag swing
1 min cross legged burpee

10- Pushups
10 – Lunge curls
10 – Around the world squats
1 min 180 burpees

Just an FYI – this vid is WAY too long. We know this. We will get better – promise! Just fast forward to whatever you need to see 🙂

This workout should take you less than 30 minutes to complete! If you don’t have that much time but want to get a quick sweat in, cut it in half and just do one round of each 🙂

Good luck – get er done !

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