Thursday, November 26, 2020

Full body – no equipment – 12 rounds pushups/cardio intervals


Meet Zak!

This is one of the workouts we did while we were at home for a week this summer. My [not so] little cousin Zak who is on his way to being a basketball star graced us with his presence for this workout, as well as my younger brother Kurt. Kurt is familiar with these types of workouts because he’s done them before with us, however to Zak, these are quite new. When we were finished this workout, Zak was on the floor for a good 20 minutes, before crawling into our washroom and throwing up. Most people would be upset by this, but not Zak. He was so excited. He came out of the washroom and said ‘you need to send me that workout asap’! Not what I was expecting his response to be, but I was stoked. haha Anyway, here is it:



PLEASE NOTE: We are very much still learning what to do with video in terms of editing etc – I made a mistake at the end of the video and recorded the wrong way. haha so, for now, Greg is upside down. Woops!

15 pushups
15 pushups
Switch Jumps
15 pushups
Squat jacks
15 pushups
Cross leg and tuck jump
15 pushups
3 stage squat jump
15 pushups
In and outs
15 pushups
15 pushups
Pendulum lunge left
15 pushups
Pendulum lunge right
15 pushups
Surfer kick outs
15 pushups
One foot jumps left
15 push ups
One foot jumps right 

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