Monday, October 25, 2021

When Tiesta found Andrea

This was my delivery from Tiesta
This was my delivery from Tiesta

Oh and what a good day it was! I was at CHFA West and I stumbled upon the Tiesta Tea booth (and did it ever look sexy). I chatted with the ladies there a little bit and she was telling me how  Tiesta focuses on all natural blends with dried fruits, herbs, spices etc. I saw a Yerba Mate (which is my favorite) called kokomate, which was a coconut (ALSO my favorite) yerba mate. It was 100% meant to be. I. LOVE. COCONUT. I asked them for a sample and they sent me home with one. I was in love.

I wanted to order more teas from this company, but I had a certain loyalty to Davids Tea, which I still have, don’t get me wrong… it’s just split between the two now! 😉 Anyway, I decided to email Tiesta directly and see if they ever send out samples. There were no retail locations in BC, so I would have had to purchase a decent amount right off the bat to make it worth purchasing and paying for shipping from the States to BC. I immediately received a response from Tiesta saying they could send me some samples, I just needed to pay for the shipping. Not a bad deal. I proceeded to tell the gentleman my story about how I saw their booth at CFHA, blah, blah, basically everything I just wrote in the first paragraph and he was so thrilled with my positive experience with their company, he offered to send me a bunch of samples for free. I diddddddddddddd happen to mention that I worked at Vega and would share with our office full of hippy, tree-hugging, tea lovers (I may have also sent him a few Vega samples to try!!)

Anyway, I receive my package from Tiesta a couple weeks later and it was like Christmas morning. I could NOT believe  the amount of stuff they sent me. I. WAS. HOOKED. Seriously. What amazing customer service and I have honestly been spreading the love for them every since. I shared the tea with everyone I work with and made each new ‘customer’ take a pic and post it to them, to give Tiesta some extra love 🙂

I’ve since been in touch with a couple of the lovely gentlemen from the executive team over at Tiesta, and I am working with them to put together some ways that I can offer their amazing, wonderful and DELICIOUS products to my friends and family locally. Things areeeeeeeeeeee happeningggggggggg and I will definitely keep you posted!

In the meantime, thank you Tiesta for growing my already ridiculous tea obsession from ‘a little crazy’ to ‘out of control’. I know my husband REALLY appreciates it!

The Vega Team gettin a little Tiesta love :)
The Vega Team gettin a little Tiesta love 🙂

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