Thursday, May 30, 2024

What’s my deal with tea?


Why am I so obsessed? ¬†… well, how long do you have?
I definitely drink tea because of all the health benefits it has to offer, but I also love tea because there’s pretty much a tea for every¬†occasion. Not feeling so hot? Have some ginger or mint tea. Wish you had some gum for that post lunch atrociousness you call breath? Black tea can actually help freshen your breath! Need a boost? Yerba Mate has you covered. What about post workout? Bam – rooibos helps decrease lactic acid build up. Feeling way too full after that massive Thanksgiving feast you just dominated? Try some oolong which can help with digestion and also help speed up metabolism. Giddy up!
You get the point, there’s a tea for everything.

It’s¬†definitely¬†become a hobby for me, collecting tea. I get some anytime I go somewhere new and it’s absolutely gotta be loose leaf (yes, I’ve become QUITE the tea snob over the years). My sister-in-law was visiting in January earlier this year and she built me a shelf that is JUST for all my teas.

This is my homemade tea wall (thanks to my lovely sister in law) - I never get bored w/ my choices!!

We’re still looking for a little sign to go above it, so if anyone sees something that would fit perfectly above my home ‘tea bar’, please send me the link!

The thing about me though, is when I am passionate about something, I want everyone around me to be passionate about it too! My colleagues know this¬†specifically because I push my tea on EVERYone. I’m borderline¬†insulted if a new employee doesn’t visit the ‘tea shop’ within their first few days of them starting at Vega.
I often get asked ‘What’s your favorite kind of tea’!? That is such an outrageous question and almost impossible to answer because there are SO MANY to chose from ! Meg Doll¬†¬†knows what I am talkin about !! ūüėČ As it stands now though, I am very loyal to two brands.

Davids Tea ¬†– Canadian company with 100+ locations (now in Canada and the US) and all still owned by one [very wealthy] man … not franchised!!!

Tiesta Tea¬†¬†¬†is my other favorite (and this is recent) and I don’t have enough amazing things to say about that company. I could really go on for days, but I touch on it a little bit here.

Give some loose leaf a try and let me know what you think! I am ALWAYS down for a good tea chat, or answering any questions you might have about the health benefits (I don’t know all the answers, but I sure try!)

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