Thursday, May 30, 2024

Best combo EVER? Vega, Oakleys, Underarmour, Nike/Tomtom, AND TEA!

I just got these brand spankin new Oakleys in bright [Vega] green! I could not be more stoked. It’s all I’ve been talking about all week! They honestly are so bright, when I have them on my face it seems like my cheeks are glowing. Living in British Columbia, I would say a good 8-9 months out of the year I don’t really need to worry about protecting my eyes from the sun, because the sun doesn’t really exist between October and June. However, now that it’s [supposed to be] summer, I needed some glasses that were light enough and tight enough to run with – WIN! These ones are fab. They match my Underarmour runners quite well too.
The runners I’ve had since January, and they have really surprised me in how comfy they are. I have always been a fan of underarmour, but never purchased their shoes. I was looking for a more supportive pair since I am still a new runner and need to ease my way into less supportive options. These shoes have proven to be really great to wear for long distances, and lets be honest… they’re hot!! 
I am sure the Vega products are self explanatory (since I work for Vega, so of course I’m a fan of the products!), but just incase… I will touch on them. The Pre workout is a staple in our house. Greg honestly can’t start his day without his not one, but two scoops of pre workout before his morning training session. It really does work wonders and it’s all natural with the caffeine coming from Yerba Mate and Green Tea, so it doesn’t give me the jitters like coffee or RedBull would (Added bonus – it now comes in a Sugar Free option). The Recovery Accelerator is my FAVVVVVORITE product that we offer. It is magical in terms of helping with stiffness in the joints and muscles helping me to be ready to run/train that much better, that much sooner. 
The TomTom Nike running watch is so awesome. I received it from my wonderful mum-in-law for an Easter gift. She knew I had been training for numerous 10ks and my first 1/2 marathon (the Lululemon Sea Wheeze) so she thought this would be an appropriate gift. Before I had the watch, I was carrying my big Samsung Galaxy S3 around for my runs, which was fine when it was winter when I had pockets but now, not so awesome. The neat thing about the watch is because it’s Nike, it syncs up with your Nike+ account on the computer. The watch plugs right in to your computer and then it syncs up with other runs that you’ve done that you may have tracked from your ipod or phone. Super rad. 
So I am guessing everyone knows about my tea obsession (problem?) by now. But IN CASE you’ve missed it… Tea is an absolute necessity for me. Back in the spring I discovered Tiesta Tea at CHFA West in Vancouver (Learn all about the Tiesta/Andrea love affair here). This was a game changer for me. I am so fascinated by this company and their mission, product and outstanding customer service! Anyway, Tiesta has several Rooibos options, and rooibos tea can actually help with recovery following a workout by decreasing lactic acid build up. Score!! A little roobios action paired with the Recovery Accelerator is a deadly and uber effective combo πŸ™‚ 

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