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August Challenge



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Gettin er done – Day 1
Okay so what am I doing this month!?! Here it is:
>> 1 cup of [warm] lemon water in the morning before breakfast
>> 5 mins/day of inversions and/or back bends.
Why am I doing these this month?
Lemon water (warm if possible) is a really awesome way to start your day. Try to have it before breakfast and even before your morning cup of coffee, tea, or if you’re my husband Greg, your Vega Pre Workout. Literally roll out of bed, have your lemon water, and then get your day kickin.
A few reasons the lemon water is such a good idea:
– kick start metabolism
– clear your skin
– helps to boost immunity (to name a few)
The reason I suggest warm if possible is because the warmer water can be a little more detoxifying overall. But in the grand scheme of things, lemon water is lemon water, so just pick your poison and get it down!
Vega talks about many reasons lemon water is so important, but I’ve just highlighted a few for you here!
What about the inversions?
Inversions are anything where your head goes below your heart. Whether that is a handstand, or a forward bend, both can be just as affective and would be totally acceptable for this challenge!
There are many health benefits  that come along with practicing a daily inversion, but I will just list my faves here.
– improves circulation (by reversing blood flow) — this is KEY for me because I have poor circulation in my hands and feed and am ALWAYS cold
– increase immunity/prevent illness (getting upside down helps the lymph travel through the body, and lymph helps to eliminate toxins and bacteria)
– energize! (inversions get the blood to the brain, which revitalizes us)
The back bend is just a little extra that I am throwing in there because I want to work on my flexibility this month! (bonus points if you’re brave enough to try and take a selfie whilst doing the back bend and post it! I did, and let me tell you, it ain’t pretty)
Anything is better than nothing, so even if you don’t complete these things EVERY day, why not hop on board and do them as many days in August as you can!

As Nike says, #justdoit

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