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Bodyweight legs workout

Hey guys! 

HOLY CRAP, can you believe it’s already DECEMBER???? OMG.

I seriously have no idea where the time has gone… but it’s my fave time of year. I just love it! One thing I will say though, is if there’s ANY time of year where workouts are SO important (in my opinion) — it’s NOW. Most people spend a LOT of time during the month of December eating (and not always healthy stuff), and drinking… LOTS of drinking. Mulled wines, eggnog, fancy cocktails, hot cider… ALL delicious… all not so great for the bod after a full month. 

SO… that said… it’s super important to try and keep up with your workouts. I am a huge advocate of enjoying the holidays to the fullest. I LOVE sweet treats, I LOVE all the fun cocktails and I love all the delicious holiday meals.

Anyway… I have a leg workout for you. It’s one I’ve posted on my instagram several times… and I’ve also included it in many of my challenges, but I’ve never done a blog post of it where I’ve broken it down for you. So – here goes.

This workout is awesome because you can do it with some weight if you want to, but it an absolutely be done bodyweight style, which means you can do it anywhere! (~NO EXCUSES~)


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Legs and core- no equipment – Rock bottom workout


This is a workout that Greg and I did with one of our classes at Golds gym where we teach twice a week. The people in the class requested a ‘booty’ workout, so thats exactly what we gave them. They actually prefer to do workouts with some weights, because the studio there has a ton of options for equipment to use… but we like to throw in at least a few non weighted options so they can take the workouts home with them if they want to (and also so you guys can do them at home as well, regardless of whether you have gym access or not!)

Warm up – repeat x 3
20 seconds of each
Low pulse squats
Hold lower

Lunge and leg lift (back)
3 pulses down and tuck jump

Cross over hydrant kick
Squat jacks
V ups

Side pulse lunge and back pulse leg lift
Split jumps
Straight arm plank w kicks

Laying heel taps
Cross foot in out and tuck jump
Half leg lift and split

Repeat x2
Burnout – partner pistol squats
Countdown 6,5,4,3,2,1

First partner goes and does 6, then the second partner does 6, then first partner goes again and does 5, then second partner does 5… continue all the way down to 1

This is a tough one. Really really works that @$$ and core as well. Enjoy 🙂