Legs & Shoulders

Happy Hump Day!!

Legs and shoulders tonight at Golds and what a class it was.

We’re off now from teaching until next Wednesday due to the Easter long weekend, so we’re happy we sent you guys off with a bang!


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Arms workout & NEW TIGHTS!

So yesterday we had our first workout back at Golds Gym and it was a doozy… body weight only. It’s always interesting because when people see ‘bodyweight’, they always think ‘oh, that can’t be too hard’ (myself included!!). It gets me every time!!! 


It combined two different workouts that we did when we were at home over the holidays… On their own they were hard enough, but when we put them together… holy smokes! 


But really, I need to talk about those tights for JUST a second.  They are AMAAAAZING! The material is fab, they’re the same style and cut as my absolute fave tights (here), but they’re POLKAAAAAs! I mean, cmon!!! 🙂 They were a gift from my mum-in-law for Christmas and I am in lovvveee.

NOW – on to the workout I did today!

I am loving the Max Workout plan, but the one thing I DO find it lacks a little bit is a focus on arms. You’re definitely toning your arms with the compound workouts the program includes, but I wanted to do a little extra today. Here’s what I did:

Processed with MOLDIV

10 Pull up curls (pictured) 
10 DB hammer curls
15 Stretch Band curls
>> 10 Burpees <<
10 dips (if you’re doing hanging dips do 10 or as many as possible, if you’re doing them on a bench do 15)
10 DB kickbacks
10 tricep press ups 
>> 10 box jumps <<

Rest for 1 minute – repeat x 3-4. (I did this 3x and it took me under 20 mins)

Happy (Almost) Hump Day Y’all! 

xxx Andrea 

DIY Christmas Party Skirt & Saturdays Workout

The weekend is here and we’re 1 day closer to Christmas! Eeeeeek! 

As promised last weekend when I had my reindeer tights on… I told you I had a MUCH more epic holiday outfit coming your way soon. So here we go! This skirt was originally found on Pinterest (obviously… where else?) , so I certainly can’t take the credit. But I have to say I’m extremely happy with the way mine turned out!

This is the pic I found on pinterest and was using as a guide:
Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 5.35.15 PM

I found the CONCEPT of making this skirt super simple… it was just really time consuming. Morgan and I spent a full Saturday sewing the bows on. We thought about pinning them, but deciding sewing would ensure secure bows ! We didn’t lose any of them throughout the day — Success!! 

All I did for the skirt was use a nice bright red skirt as the base (I got it way too big, because I knew adding bows and garland around the waist would make it fit snuggly. I am usually a small and I purchased a large. 
>> I started by sewing garland around the waist from one side of the zipper all the way around (of course not over the zipper so it       could still be accessed)
>> Following that, I sewed roughly 80 (YES 80!!!) bows on the front half of the skirt. It would have been tough to sit doing them        all the way around and the skirt would have been super heavy.  That’s pretty much it!
I completely failed with pics because when I actually got fully decked out in my outfit, Morgan and I were so excited to get going that our pictures didn’t turn out all that great! haha

I took this one with our Rock Creeks before leaving the hotel though… 

And I did luckily find some from the photographer that day!! WOOOT! He saved the day. 

IMG_1947 166759_978315692225898_4353584607858549303_n 12369049_908233525929883_712260795454091099_n

The outfits people wore were just fantastic. 

1916991_908233425929893_33129750982684843_n 12373217_908233112596591_8565590911944408970_n 11214369_908233419263227_8552134324472630990_n (1)

All in all, SUCH a fun afternoon 🙂 (I say afternoon because my partner in crime decided she was ready to go to bed at 6pm… haha)


Now… on to todays workout! 


This was a tough one… but it was our last class teaching for 2015 so we needed it to be good! Going out with a bang 🙂 

The cool thing about this workout is the set up — you could use the layout of it, and just change the exercises to suit your fancy and you’d still have a wicked sweat going. Here’s how it works:
>> 7 exercises, each exercises is done for 7 rounds of 20 seconds work & 10 seconds rest before moving to the next exercise. This is what I mean

  1. Stair Sprints – sprint for 20 secs, rest for 10 secs. Repeat x 7 in a row… then move on to exercise 2.
  2. Sumo squat high pulls – 20 secs work, 10 secs rest, repeat x 7 in a row… then move to exercise 3… etc.
  3. Sandbag pushes – hands on sandbag, you slide it on the ground running quickly as you can
  4. Sandbag squat press 
  5. Jumping pull ups
  6. Reptile planks
  7. Jump rope over unders — THESE are fun.  

It was a wicked class!! 
IMG_2005 IMG_2016

I think we tired everyone out !

Like I mentioned though, you can really do this with any 7 exercises you want. The concept is that it really crushes whatever muscle group you’re working. Say you wanted to do it with Squat jumps… 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, repeat x 7. Your legs are pretty toast. 

Hope this makes sense… don’t hesitate to reach out ! Would love to hear your thoughts!!!



VEGA REVIEW & Monday Golds workout (Shoulders/Back)

It’s Monday again! And omg, Christmas is in 10 days!!! 

This is super exciting for Greg and I because we go home to Ontario every year for Christmas to see our families. I am getting really antsy and ready to go. Alright, so before I get to the workout we did last night, I just want to take a minute to tell you about the reformulated Vega Sport Protein.


Now the link I’ve shared with you, for the moment, is a little misleading because it’s still got the older formula protein. However… it’s going to be changing soon so I am told. 

Okay, so a little background. For those that don’t know, I worked at Vega for 3 years. I love the company, and absolutely love all the products. They use the best ingredients and the products are effective and delicious. When I changed jobs, we continued to buy and use many of the Vega products (we use the sport protein, Vega One, and Greg uses the Pre Workout  daily). Like I mentioned, they truly are the best plant based, all natural products out there.

SO – when I was sent some of the BRAND NEW Protein to taste and review, I was STOKED. And so was Greg. Let me tell you, we were NOT disappointed. I didn’t really have any complaints anyway about the old formula, so I wasn’t really expecting that the new one could be much better…. but it is! 


The flavour is fantastic. Honestly, I think the first word that comes to mind for me for all of the flavours would be creamy. So0o0 creamy. I will often have my protein just with ice and water late morning as a snack between breakfast and lunch, so that is how I tried all these flavours. Another thing I noticed too was that they weren’t overly sweet (which is sometimes one of my complaints with stevia… it’s just too sweet) – but these were just perfect. The powder dissolves really nicely so it’s not thick or clumpy when you’re drinking.

To summarize, here are some of the things that have changed with the protein.
✔slightly less sweet which I LOVE
✔creamier than before
✔more protein (30g) — 30g of plant based protein is KILLER! 
✔ more glutamine (6g)
✔ more BCAAs (6g)

Another thing I just want to point out was that I actually really enjoyed the strawberry flavour this time. Without being toooo crass, I reallllly didn’t enjoy the berry in the old formulation – but this was a really nice surprise and was quite delicious!

I still think the Mocha is my favourite… but the chocolate is definitely a close second, and the other two (Vanilla and Strawberry) are great for shakes!!) 

THANK you Vega, for letting me sample this delicious rebrand. I will of course, continue to use it daily!!!

Now – on to the workout.
Todays #nevermissamonday class at Golds was Shoulders and Back. It was a toughy. The workout we planned was a little too long, but that is how we learn, and next time we’ll know 🙂 

Here’s a look at what we did.


Circuit 1

10 Back shoulder presses (normal barbell shoulder press, but the bar lowers behind your head instead of at eye level)
10 Shoulder presses (regular, come down to eye level)
10 Rows
10 deadlifts 
>> all the above done with a barbell – ideally 2 of them, 1 lighter for shoulders and 1 heavier for back
>> Repeat this circuit x3 with no break

Tabata 1
In & Out /Dumbbell punches 
>> 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
>> Do in and outs for 20 sec, rest for 10, do DB punches for 20, rest for 10 secs, repeat for 4 rounds

Circuit 2
10 front raises 
10 clean and press 
10 shrugs
10 bent over back flies (with DBs)
>> Repeat this circuit x3 with no break


Tabata 2
Plank rows/DB fly jacks 
>> 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
>> Do plank rows for 20 sec, rest for 10, do DB fly jacks for 20, rest for 10 secs, repeat for 4 rounds
(plank rows is what I chose for the ‘move of the day’ today!) 

— We finished off this workout with a 10 minute core burn out — 

Would love to hear your thoughts! Have you ever tried Vega? 

Chest & Guns workout & NEW UA PANTS!

Tonights Golds Class was a DOOZY. Holy smokes it was tough!


Chest always means lost of push ups – and thanks to Shaun T and Insanity Max 30, we’ve got some crazy new ideas for some ridiculously hard push ups.

The workout was set up in 3 main sections (with a couple little burnouts at the end). 5 exercises per section.  Each exercise you do for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds – then repeat. Then you move on to the next workout and move through all 5 that way.

1. Full jack push up
2. Walking push up
3. Lat push up
IMG_1657 IMG_1656
4. Military Extensions (do a military push up, then pause on the ground and extend arms out like a superman position)
5. Cobra push up
* we will have our own ‘how to’ vids soon… they’re comin!*

1. Barbell/Dumbell Standing Overhead Extensions
2. Plank extensions
3 Plank up downs  
4. Slow dips (3 counts down, 3 counts up)
5. Shallow speed dips (do them really fast only dipping half way down to really feel the burn)

1. Wide Grip Full curl
2. Regular grip – just the bottom half curl
3. Close Grip – just the top half
4. 90 degree hold
5. Rapid Dumbbell hammer curls

We followed these up with a core, then burpee burn out! SO TOUGH!

Processed with MOLDIV

And – it was a wicked class to get some Vega love sent to us too! Thanks so much to the lovely Vega Community team, we got some SugarFree Pre workout

Vega One

AND Vega Sport


And a little puppy love for good measure. This is Cosmo !! He belongs to one of the gals in our class, Jo. He appears in her instagram frequently!!!

The other thing I NEED to show you guys is my new pants. OMG. In Love.


They’re so freakin comfy I can’t even tell you … plus they’ve got pockets. Which are key for comfy pants. You can check them out here.

Would love to hear your thoughts on our chest workout above if you give it a go!!



A new body weight workout + our Golds Gym session tonight (Shoulders/Legs)

Hey guys! Happy Monday!!!

Tonight I’ve got a couple workouts for you. At Golds tonight, it was Shoulders & Legs. I had to miss it as I was doing a training for work in Whistler and I’m both happy and sad I missed it. Would have been nice to get a super tough workout in to kick the week off, however I am still pretty sore from Saturday’s workout, so it may have been a blessing in disguise for me? ha – maybe I’m just bein a pansy!


And for those of you that don’t have access to tons of equipment, I’ve got another Body Weight BEAST workout for ya!
Ideally, you have access to a pull up bar… but if you don’t, then sub regular push ups for lat push ups!

Do 10 of each of these exercises. Rest for 30 secs – 1 min and repeat x 5.

Pull up (if you can’t do a regular pull up, try a jumping pull up… ain’t no shame in that! These are what I do mostly!)
Burpees (up to you, but I would do these sans push up, since push-ups are next!)
Push ups (if you don’t have access to pull up bar, then do LAT push ups. Notice my hands are staggered and you’re going to bring one arm over and tuck it into your side while the other arm stays in it’s normal position. This is the insanity max 30 variation, but I found two other interesting ways to do it here and here.)
IMG_1656 IMG_1657

Switch Kicks (keep a nice tight core here and get those feet up high – 5 per leg, 10 total)
Dips (do it on a bench or chair if you can, but if not on the ground is fine)
Lunge jumps (keep the chest high, don’t slouch over when you get tired)
(if two legs is too tricky, do 1 at a time)

If anyone is wondering – Shirt >> Tights (aka the best most comfy tights ever that I have in 3 colours)

JAY CONTE … This one is for you! Let me know how you make out!!

For everyone else – which of these exercises is your LEAST fave ? Everyone hates at least 1 of these body weight beastly moves.

Andrea  🙂

Weekend recap and NEW WORKOUT

It’s Mondayyyyy again!

It’s crazy to me how quickly the weekends fly by! This weekend, Greg was at home in Ontario for a friends wedding, so it was just me and the fur babes hanging out. We had a nice little weekend and enjoyed some of the cooler weather and rain.

IMG_9726 IMG_9725 IMG_9723

I did lots of meal prep this weekend too. I made my favourite Cauliflower Soup, as well as two new salads. One being a Detox Tabbouleh from Oh She Glows, and one of my favourites, the Brussel and Kale salad  

All three of these sites have awesome recipe ideas – I would highly recommend checking them out for unique and mostly vegan/gluten free recipes!

The pics I took are pretty poor – haha I was too hungry. But I will work on that for next time.

IMG_9742 IMG_9739

The other thing I spent a decent amount of time on this weekend was creating a new workout plan for myself. One of my girlfriends Ashley has given me a couple, and I loved them both. I will be going back to them in the fall. But something I haven’t done in YEARS is broken up my workouts into body parts. Ie: leg day, chest and back etc. We do a lot of functional training in our classes and compound movements that work more than 1 body part at a time. I do think this is a super effective way to train, but it’s also important to switch it up and keep the body guessing to avoid plateauing. I’m still tweaking the plan a little bit, but I will be sure to post later in the week once I’ve got it set!

Now – on to our Monday #goldsgym workout!

Today is one of my gym buddies/good friends’ birthday, and he requested a ‘Full Body’ class tonight. I did my best to accommodate seeing as my better half isn’t home yet, so I’m doing class on my own!!


So the way this workout is broken down is in 4 rounds.

Round 1 is pretty straight forward and all upper body focused.

Front raises – with dumbbells, raise straight arms to the front

Reverse grip presses – hold bar with hands facing you, then do a shoulder press

Curls – we know what these are!

Tricep Presses – with DB or barbell, press hands up overhead

In and out Push ups – do a push up, then jump feet in to hands and back out to plank – repeat

Round 2

DB plank reach unders – In a plank, reach your right hand under your body, then raise it up to sky

IMG_9755 IMG_9753

DB cross body Vups – laying on your back, lift your right leg up and your left hand to meet it

Plank Kick throughs – in a plank position, kick your right leg under your body to meet your left hand – repeat on other side


Round 3

Rows – with a barbell – chest out, don’t round the back

Deadlifts – with a barbell – straight leg

Alternating Lunges – with barbell on back

Squats – with barbell on back

Push up jacks – do a pushup, then jack feet apart and together, repeat

Round 4

DB skater rows – see photo. Jump onto right foot bringing left foot behind (in a skater position) while rowing opposite arms


DB raise kicks – see photo

Version 2 Version 2

Give it a go! We did this 3 times, for a full hour workout – but you can certainly cut it down to less!

Would love to hear your thoughts! — HAPPY MONDAY!!!!