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Friday Faves – Hawaii Workout Edition

Happy Friday!

I can not believe that we have only 2 more days here already. The total time of our trip was from Wednesday night last week to late Saturday night this week… so it ends up being almost 10 full days which is pretty awesome!

We’ve managed to get a workout in every day except for 1, and we’ll finish up our last 2 days with workouts in the morning. 

I wanted to share some of the workouts we’ve done while being here as my ‘Friday faves’ post this week. There are ALWAYS reasons why you can’t workout.
1. Not enough time
2. No equipment
3. Not enough space
4. Don’t know what to do… etc.

1. There’s always time, you just have to make it a priority.
2. You don’t need equipment, there are tons of bodyweight workouts to do. We have some on our blog , and you find tons on pinterest too. 
3. You don’t need a lot of space. A lot of the workouts Greg and I do you can do it in an arms reach of space.
4. This is the worst excuse of ALL time. Open a book, get online… there are MILLIONS of free workouts EVERYWHERE. Just search for them.
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My workout plan & motivation for the New Year!

Hey all!

Happy Monday (to most of you, or Sunday night if you’re a night hawk!)

I want to tell you guys all about my new plan for the next couple months. It’s one of the programs I highlighted in my post the other day about New Years Inspiration, called Max Workouts (not to be confused with Insanity Max 30!) 


Greg and I have done this program in its entirety once before, and we often will pull a random workout from it if we just want to get a good sweat in. So, I decided since we have 52 days (but who is counting) until Hawaii, I can get a great jump on this 90 day program. 

Before I give you a couple examples of what this plan offers, I want to tell you one of the reasons I am so motivated to stick to it!
A couple weeks before Christmas, Greg came home and said he had a present for me. *Note* – I had told him several times that my goal before heading to Hawaii was to tone up and ideally drop 10lbs.

So he came in with ‘Motivation Coupons’ for me. 

He even said, ‘Most ladies might find this present offensive, but I think you’re going to like it’. haha I was quite scared before taking a closer look at the coupons. Greg excitedly told me that I would have a ‘check in’ every 2 weeks… and if I stayed on track at each check in, I get to donate $50 (per check in) to an animal rescue of my choice!!!! HOW CUTE is he!?! 

Jan 15, down 2.5lbs


Jan 29, down 5lbs 

Feb 12, down 7.5lbs 


Feb 24, down 10lbs

And then

$200 total to whichever rescue I choose is amazing ! Those of you that know me, know that Greg and I follow (try to follow) a fairly strict budget each month to keep us on track saving money! It works for us and I am grateful Greg is willing to keep us on track (because spreadsheets and #s are my nightmare) – this is why being able to donate $200 ‘budget free’ is so exciting to me.

Okay, now… on to the workouts!

I am going to give you a couple super quick snip its of what the workouts look like, but I obviously can’t give you them all, because it’s not my program to give away. 

One of the workouts from the first level of the program is as follows (there are 4 levels and each level is performed for 3 consecutive weeks).

Repeat as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.
> Inverted Rows (8)
> Push ups (10)
> Burpees (12)


This workout is from the fourth level of the program 

  • Squat Press Up (as many as possible in 20 seconds)
       <repeat for 10 rounds, rest for 2 minutes, continue with the below>
  • Deadlift highpulls (as many as possible in 20 seconds)
       <repeat for 10 rounds to finish>

I really do encourage you to have a look at this program. It’s totally worth the money and Greg and I both found that it worked great for us!

I would love to hear about your plans for the New Year! Anyone else looking to tone up and kick those workouts up a notch? Anyone want to be my accountability buddy and commit to a certain goal ? If you meet that goal, what will you get? (shopping spree, new shoes, massage etc)

Let me know! Would love to workout with you!!

xxx Andrea 


New Years Bodyweight Workout!

Hey All,

First of all.. sorry about the delayed post. I have had 2 bouts of the flu in 3 days… waking up throwing up 2/3 days (NOT from a hangover) is NOT fun!!! So that is the excuse for the tardy workout post.


Happy New Year!! Trying to get off on the right foot but not too sure where to start? Well… first of all you can take a look at yesterdays post where I highlight a handful of my favourite workout programs that use little to no equipment. You can do them anytime, anywhere, and most of them are less than 30 minutes as well.

But, if you’d like an example of a straight forward, quick and dirty bodyweight workout – here is one we did while at home visiting family.

The breakdown is as follows.

>> Repeat each round x 4
>> 20 seconds per exercise 

Round 1
1. Leg lift push ups – do a regular push up and alternate raising right leg, push up, then left leg, push up
2. Cross body V-ups – laying on your back, raise a straight right leg to meet your left arm, then alternate 
3. Leg clap jumps – jump as high as you can, raise your right leg up and clap your hands under it, repeat switching legs
4. Ski abs – start in a plank position, jump feet in to outer side of your left hand, back to plank, jump feet to the outer side of left hand

Round 2
1. Push up jacks – push up, jack feet in and out, push up, jack feet in and out
2. V – ups – laying on back, raise straight legs to meet arms while raising shoulders off ground, repeat.
3. Clap back jumps 
4. In & Outs – start in plank, jump feet in to the hands, jump back out to plank

Round 3
1. Pendulum Push ups – start in regular push up position, step feet over to the right 45 degrees, push up, then step feet over to the     left side 45 degrees from centre, push up
2. Leg lift splits – raise both legs, lower to 4 inches above ground, split legs, repeat.
3. Drunken turkeys – kind of like a star jump
4. Plank up and over hops 

Round 4
1. Hand switch push ups – push up with 1 hand 6 inches ahead of the other, switch hand placement – repeat 
2. Atomic Flutters – laying on your back, do large flutter type kicks with your legs
3. In & Out squat jumps – start with feet together in squat position, jump to feet apart squat position, repeat 
4. Plank jacks – start in a plank position, and jack feet in and out

I was able to complete this workout post ALMOST before the end of the day on January 1st… but the resolution will have to be on a different day! 🙂 


xxx Andrea 


DIY Christmas Party Skirt & Saturdays Workout

The weekend is here and we’re 1 day closer to Christmas! Eeeeeek! 

As promised last weekend when I had my reindeer tights on… I told you I had a MUCH more epic holiday outfit coming your way soon. So here we go! This skirt was originally found on Pinterest (obviously… where else?) , so I certainly can’t take the credit. But I have to say I’m extremely happy with the way mine turned out!

This is the pic I found on pinterest and was using as a guide:
Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 5.35.15 PM

I found the CONCEPT of making this skirt super simple… it was just really time consuming. Morgan and I spent a full Saturday sewing the bows on. We thought about pinning them, but deciding sewing would ensure secure bows ! We didn’t lose any of them throughout the day — Success!! 

All I did for the skirt was use a nice bright red skirt as the base (I got it way too big, because I knew adding bows and garland around the waist would make it fit snuggly. I am usually a small and I purchased a large. 
>> I started by sewing garland around the waist from one side of the zipper all the way around (of course not over the zipper so it       could still be accessed)
>> Following that, I sewed roughly 80 (YES 80!!!) bows on the front half of the skirt. It would have been tough to sit doing them        all the way around and the skirt would have been super heavy.  That’s pretty much it!
I completely failed with pics because when I actually got fully decked out in my outfit, Morgan and I were so excited to get going that our pictures didn’t turn out all that great! haha

I took this one with our Rock Creeks before leaving the hotel though… 

And I did luckily find some from the photographer that day!! WOOOT! He saved the day. 

IMG_1947 166759_978315692225898_4353584607858549303_n 12369049_908233525929883_712260795454091099_n

The outfits people wore were just fantastic. 

1916991_908233425929893_33129750982684843_n 12373217_908233112596591_8565590911944408970_n 11214369_908233419263227_8552134324472630990_n (1)

All in all, SUCH a fun afternoon 🙂 (I say afternoon because my partner in crime decided she was ready to go to bed at 6pm… haha)


Now… on to todays workout! 


This was a tough one… but it was our last class teaching for 2015 so we needed it to be good! Going out with a bang 🙂 

The cool thing about this workout is the set up — you could use the layout of it, and just change the exercises to suit your fancy and you’d still have a wicked sweat going. Here’s how it works:
>> 7 exercises, each exercises is done for 7 rounds of 20 seconds work & 10 seconds rest before moving to the next exercise. This is what I mean

  1. Stair Sprints – sprint for 20 secs, rest for 10 secs. Repeat x 7 in a row… then move on to exercise 2.
  2. Sumo squat high pulls – 20 secs work, 10 secs rest, repeat x 7 in a row… then move to exercise 3… etc.
  3. Sandbag pushes – hands on sandbag, you slide it on the ground running quickly as you can
  4. Sandbag squat press 
  5. Jumping pull ups
  6. Reptile planks
  7. Jump rope over unders — THESE are fun.  

It was a wicked class!! 
IMG_2005 IMG_2016

I think we tired everyone out !

Like I mentioned though, you can really do this with any 7 exercises you want. The concept is that it really crushes whatever muscle group you’re working. Say you wanted to do it with Squat jumps… 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, repeat x 7. Your legs are pretty toast. 

Hope this makes sense… don’t hesitate to reach out ! Would love to hear your thoughts!!!



A new body weight workout + our Golds Gym session tonight (Shoulders/Legs)

Hey guys! Happy Monday!!!

Tonight I’ve got a couple workouts for you. At Golds tonight, it was Shoulders & Legs. I had to miss it as I was doing a training for work in Whistler and I’m both happy and sad I missed it. Would have been nice to get a super tough workout in to kick the week off, however I am still pretty sore from Saturday’s workout, so it may have been a blessing in disguise for me? ha – maybe I’m just bein a pansy!


And for those of you that don’t have access to tons of equipment, I’ve got another Body Weight BEAST workout for ya!
Ideally, you have access to a pull up bar… but if you don’t, then sub regular push ups for lat push ups!

Do 10 of each of these exercises. Rest for 30 secs – 1 min and repeat x 5.

Pull up (if you can’t do a regular pull up, try a jumping pull up… ain’t no shame in that! These are what I do mostly!)
Burpees (up to you, but I would do these sans push up, since push-ups are next!)
Push ups (if you don’t have access to pull up bar, then do LAT push ups. Notice my hands are staggered and you’re going to bring one arm over and tuck it into your side while the other arm stays in it’s normal position. This is the insanity max 30 variation, but I found two other interesting ways to do it here and here.)
IMG_1656 IMG_1657

Switch Kicks (keep a nice tight core here and get those feet up high – 5 per leg, 10 total)
Dips (do it on a bench or chair if you can, but if not on the ground is fine)
Lunge jumps (keep the chest high, don’t slouch over when you get tired)
(if two legs is too tricky, do 1 at a time)

If anyone is wondering – Shirt >> Tights (aka the best most comfy tights ever that I have in 3 colours)

JAY CONTE … This one is for you! Let me know how you make out!!

For everyone else – which of these exercises is your LEAST fave ? Everyone hates at least 1 of these body weight beastly moves.

Andrea  🙂

Full body challenge -no equipment means no excuse!

This is one of my go to workouts when I’m travelling. You really don’t need any space at all, it will get your blood pumpin and won’t take forever to complete. There really is no reason (or excuse) NOT to do it! Last time I did this one, it took me 21:26. Not too shabby!!
 10 pushups
15 burpees
IMG_1585 IMG_1586
20 supermans
30 in and outs
IMG_1591 IMG_1590 IMG_1589
40 split jumps
IMG_1595 IMG_1592
50 high knees
IMG_1597 IMG_1596

>> Complete 5 rounds as quickly as possible, and record your time.

I encourage you to test it out and post your time (or at least write it down so you can try to beat it next time you do it!)

And of course, before I forget…

Outfit details:

Tights (similar > same style, different pattern) — Shirt   —   Shoes


Boxing Workout + Maui Mango TEA

I wanted to share this fun boxing work out I just found with you guys!

boxingI forgot to put my Armour 39  on during this workout, but I will definitely wear it next time I do it to give you an idea of calories burned. It took me about 30 minutes. I have honestly been struggling a little bit over the last couple weeks to stay motivated. I LOVE our classes that we teach at Golds Gym… and they’re always great workouts! It’s the ones I do on my own, in the morning, that I’ve been having a hard time getting going and really crushing. So this one was awesome, because it was something different than I am used to – it was exciting, challenging andddd I am sore!

Here’s a ‘how to’ video for all the exercises incase you need demos (I did! haha)

Another thing I had to talk about is one of my FAVE loose leaf teas out there – Maui Mango. This tea is from Tiesta Tea and it will blow your mind how good it is. It’s an herbal tea, which means it’s caffeine free, and it’s loaded with dried pieces of mango bits + pineapple bits + orange slices + safflowers + marigolds + strawberry bits! The great thing about herbal teas (aside from being caffeine free) is that they’re packed with antioxidants from the fruits they contain! They also steep pretty strong if you leave them overnight and they have TONS of flavour. This one seriously almost tastes like juice… It’s SO delicious.


What’s your fave way to stay motivated when you’re feeling sluggish and don’t want to work out? And to go with that – what is your fave way to stay hydrated!?


xxx Andrea

NEW workouts for HUMP DAY!


Today was a great day! I mean, it’s hump day, for one… so that’s a plus. But today was the first day in a couple weeks that I actually got my butt outta bed early enough to get my morning workout in.

Here’s a little snapshot of my morning workout

Processed with Moldiv

Goblet squat warmup (12 x 3 rounds with dumbbell)

AMRAP (as many reps as possible) in 10 minutes

  • Single leg deadlift (10)
  • Bentover row (10) – I used sandbag both both this and deadlift
  • Forearms to hands in plank position (20 total/10 per arm)

>> Typically there would be a second AMRAP to go with this workout, but instead I spent the time stretching and doing some headstand work! I’m doing an inversion workshop on Sunday and wanted to prepare!

This eve, we taught our #sweat class at Golds Gym Burnaby. It was a focus on upper body with some cardio sprinkled in there in intervals, and some core to finish!


And of course, lets talk about the outfit for a minute.



Shoes: UA Speedforms (the best shoes ever!) >> Tank – UA Power Up tank  >> Shorts – UA Printed Short (similar)

Happy Hump day everyone! 🙂

Have a great rest of the week!

xxx Andrea